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What Are The Hot Outdoor Lighting Trends For The New Year?

Especially at this festive time of the year, we occasionally enjoy overabundance. But when it comes to the hottest trends in outdoor lighting trends, the opposite is true.

landscape lighting

Simplicity and minimalism are now in vogue. Clean lines, with sleek and smart illumination designs, and understated energy-efficient LED fixtures are becoming the go-to choice for outdoor lighting. Our minimalistic fixtures blend seamlessly with any architectural style, creating a timeless and sophisticated look.

Our Outdoor Lighting Focuses On The Effect – Not The Fixture

With our eco-friendly LED outdoor light fixtures, it may seem like a paradox to say that the effects we create outflank the classic beauty and finesse of our fixtures.

professional landscape lighting

Handcrafted with ultimate precision and loving care, our outdoor lighting fixtures in copper and brass – as well as our specialty fixtures – are beautiful things to behold, and exemplify outdoor lighting trends.

But job #1 in spreading the perfect custom lighting is in creating our strategic, deliberate designs.

What Are Your Professional Custom Design Techniques That Achieve These Stunningly Soft Glow Illumination Effects?

The short answer can be found here inside our transformational outdoor lighting design guide.

As for how we achieve these famous effects, in discussing outdoor lighting trends, once we uncover what areas of your home exterior you want us to focus on, our minimal design effects encompass a combination of the following:

Shadowing: This design method allows uniquely shaped silhouettes to emerge from trees, fountains and architectural elements for stunning effects, paying homage to the philosophy that when it comes to a good thing, less is more.

custom outdoor lighting

Wall Wash Lighting: Here our expert outdoor lighting professional designers position our LED fixtures to beam casts of stunning light to softly highlight and romantically accentuate exterior facades and wall textures.

Moonlighting: This is our version of “By the light of the silvery moon”. As if falling from the heavens above, we design downward minimal glow from trees, rooflines or any heighten architectural structure where you wish to create an ambience of evening dream glows.

custom outdoor lighting in Clearwater

Tree Lighting: With this minimal custom design technique, we can create drama by including tree lighting in your design plan. Tree lighting is a wonderful complement to your home environs and will create an effect which will linger longer in the minds of those who enjoy its delightful broadcast of warm light.

Is It True That You Are America’s #1 Choice In Professional Outdoor Lighting?

Yes, it is true. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is America’s #1 choice In professional outdoor lighting. In fact, we invented the outdoor lighting category to beautify and enhance home exteriors and landscapes 24 years ago in 1999.

outdoor lighting on large home

Up until that point in time, outdoor lighting and landscape lighting was reserved mainly for more privileged homeowners due to the expense of having to go through so many channels to have a system installed.

For example, there was no “one-stop shop” to receive a professional outdoor lighting design consultation, order exterior light fixtures, schedule installation or even consider system maintenance.

In order to have any type of upscale outdoor lighting, you first had to hire a designer, then you had to arrange an appointment, most likely with a specialty lighting store which carried outdoor lighting fixtures and then you had to hire someone to install it.

upscale outdoor lighting

This antiquated formula added up to a frustrating, time-consuming and much too expensive proposition for most homeowners. So we changed all that!

Achieving Targeted Illumination Night Time Effects Is Or Passion

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, architectural outdoor lighting is both an art and a science. Architectural outdoor lighting includes illuminating any outdoor structure which can include pergolas, open porches, out buildings, and detached garages. But primarily, when we’re speaking of architectural outdoor lighting, we are referring to illuminating the facade of your home.

architectural outdoor lighting

Every home in Florida is different, so there is no precise answer about what constitutes good lighting. We can share some of the areas we look at when creating a design for your home exterior, landscape and combination outdoor living space. They include:

• Width

• Height

• Depth

• Texture

• Focal Areas

• Width/Length

There are several reasons to illuminate your entire home exterior façade from end to end. The first reason is aesthetics. When having us add a custom outdoor lighting system to your home, you owe it to yourself to illuminate your entire facade.

Don’t fail to illuminate the forward-facing garage area or fail to illuminate an entire portion of the home. The entrance is not the only element that should be illuminated. Good architectural lighting will span the length of your home from one end to the other.

exterior home lighting

During your installation process, we will ensure that fixtures are positioned to minimize glare, which can be uncomfortable and detract from the overall illumination effect experience. This involves careful consideration of the angles and heights of the fixtures to ensure that light is directed where it's needed without causing unwanted glare.

Thoughtful and strategic fixture placement is essential in achieving the desired outdoor lighting design effects. It allows for the effective realization of design goals, enhances safety, and ensures that the lighting scheme integrates seamlessly with the natural and architectural elements of your outdoor environment.

Why Use A Professional To Achieve These Desirable Outdoor Lighting Effects?

Working with our professionals in custom lighting design ensures that the technical aspects, such as electrical requirements and fixture selection, are properly addressed to achieve the effects you are looking for.

OLP truck behind light fixture

Our expert local professionals will provide expertise to create a design that not only looks good but also functions effectively and safely.

Remember, custom design in outdoor lighting is essential for creating a visually pleasing, safe, and functional outdoor environment that aligns with the unique characteristics and requirements of a specific space.

How Do I Get Started?

Here are one of two ways to schedule a complimentary design consultation:

1. Call us at (727) 513-3420, or

2. Click here and give us a few details so we can schedule your consultation.

That’s it. And thank you for your interest – and your business.

Robert van der Putten, owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay.