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Using Pathway Lighting in Unique Way Creates a Rooftop Haven in Tampa

Our proven pathway lighting can be used in clever and unconventional ways besides just illuminating walkways, paths and sidewalks. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay used path lighting in an unorthodox way at a recent Tampa installation because of a specific challenge.

Outside patio

This homeowner’s roof terrace has block paved flooring and no typical garden bed or landscape to place a traditional fixture. How can you install outdoor lighting when there is no ground to push a fixture into? Since the roof terrace was lined with gorgeous planters all around, we were able to hide pathway lighting fixtures into these planters to provide stunning nighttime illumination.

The plants and flowers appear to leap out of the darkness and night, adding plenty of depth and texture. The patio floor and boundaries gain added visibility for safe footing and provides the ability to enjoy this space all evening long.

Garden lighting

These pathway lighting fixtures are hidden within the planters, so they provide an interesting glow that isn’t about the fixture itself at all – but the effect! The rooftop surroundings are pulled together in a cohesive way that increases the home’s liveable square footage in a dynamic way.

Unique Situations Should Not Stop you from Getting Awesome Outdoor Lighting

flowers in garden

Just because you have an unusual deck or patio configuration, it doesn’t mean that outdoor lighting can’t successfully be added to create aesthetics and ambience. Outdoor lighting can be implemented creatively even if you have hardscape, wood, stone or other surface that doesn’t encompass soil or a typical garden bed. We have the skill and ingenuity to come up with a winning solution when it comes to out of the ordinary installations.

patio furniture

Partner with Clearwater & Tampa Bay’s most trusted outdoor lighting contractor if you have a tough outdoor lighting situation that has you stumped—we are sure we will be able to come up with a solution that will give you the look you desire for your home and property. Don’t let your home sit in darkness because you are baffled by how to illuminate an unusual situation. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay has taken on many tough outdoor lighting projects that others could not find a resolution for. We are up for the challenge – remember; we own the night!

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