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What Do the Dutch Game Sjoelen and Clearwater Outdoor Lighting Have in Common?

One of the most beloved games my family and I enjoy playing is Sjoelen. Sjoelen is a Dutch shuffleboard game which is a tradition in my native Netherland. The game is played on a Sjoelbak with 30 discs. It is a true family winter game and over a century old. The objective of the game is to shuffle the 30 discs in the four compartments at the opposite end in three sub-turns.

You may be asking me, what does the game of Sjoelen have in common with outdoor lighting? The answer is a great deal and for two very important reasons.

  1. The game requires concentration and precision in order to shuffle the discs into one of the four compartments much like the concentration and precision we pour into each of our outdoor lighting designs.
  1. The game is played on a board, called a Sjoelbak. Most Sjoelbak’s are hand-made from hardwoods such as Oak and feature a smooth, stunning grain with an exquisite finish. The board itself is for many Dutch families, an heirloom item to be passed down for generations.

Pathway lighting

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay only uses the highest-quality fixtures for all our installations. When it comes to choosing hardware for your outdoor lighting system, we set the highest standards with our corrosion-proof outdoor lighting fixtures, wires and lamps which can weather the toughest coastal conditions. The craftsmanship of our fixtures is evident year after year, much like an heirloom-quality Sjoelbak board, as the solid copper and brass take on a rich patina over time, blending beautifully into your landscape.

Home with landscape lighting

Much like the craftsman who make the Sjoelbak boards by hand, we set equally high standards for outdoor lighting performance. Our energy-efficient fixtures boast a long life expectancy and a consistent light output. Our state-of-the-art LED technology plays a major role in boosting your efficiency, too. We use multiple voltage transformers in our low-voltage installations, allowing your lamps to use less energy while delivering the perfect amount of energy-efficient illumination with a balanced light intensity.

To be successful in any trade, or at any game, takes dedication and experience. Outdoor Lighting is all we do and we do it best!

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