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What Is The Difference Between Home Exterior Lighting And Outdoor Lighting?

If you’re looking for superior exterior illumination for comprehensive beautification, safety, security, and curb appeal, you need professionally designed and installed low voltage outdoor lighting.

What Is The Difference Between Home Exterior Lighting And Outdoor Lighting

Decades ago, before Outdoor Lighting Perspectives created low voltage outdoor lighting as it exists today, exterior home lighting was basically a mishmash of random light fixtures and light bulbs.

It used to be a carriage light here, a garage coach light there, maybe some lighting under the eaves, or an occasional spotlight – maybe to light the front door for the holidays. But alas, that was so, so yesterday.

Professional Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting Is In A Class By Itself

For starters, let’s talk about illumination efficiency and dependable performance.

Professional LED Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting

Unlike your usual “line voltage” which uses 120 volts, LED outdoor lighting only uses 12 volts to power your outdoor lighting fixtures.

Outdoor Lighting Starts With A Low Voltage Transformer

A transformer from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is the main component for distributing safe voltage to all of your outdoor lights.

Each transformer consists of many electronic components that work together to lower your home’s 120V system down to the 12V needed to power your outdoor landscape lights.

clearwater patio and landscape lighting

However, not all transformers are built the same. Each transformer manufacturer makes their transformers with different ratings. You need to choose a transformer that offers the proper wattage for the number of landscape lighting fixtures that you choose to use.

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If you choose landscape lights that require 300 watts (six pathway lights that each need 50 watts, for example), you will need a transformer that can handle at least 300 watts, but you would likely want to overshoot that wattage by 100-200 watts to give your system room for expansion and ensure the load is not maxed out at all times. Sound complex? Not to worry. That’s exactly what we do – day in and day out – every day of the year. In fact, outdoor lighting is the one and only thing we do.

Your outdoor lighting wiring connects to both the transformer and each lighting fixture, be it for curb appeal illumination, path lighting, landscape lighting, or outdoor living accent lighting.

The wire’s thickness helps to determine the brightness of your landscape lights. Thicker gauge wire is often used for higher power LED outdoor lighting installations and thinner gauge wire can be used for low-power lighting projects.

For protection against foot and landscaping traffic and daily wear, these low voltage wires will be buried six inches beneath the soil at the time of installation to adhere to national electric codes.

A Variety Of Versatile And High Performance LED Outdoor Lights For Every Possible Need

Our proprietary LED low voltage lighting is incredibly versatile, as you can mix any fixture types your system design plan requires along the same transformer line, from pathway lights to patio and deck lights.

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With decorative outdoor lighting, we can help you create the suite of after dark moods you desire – from subtly soft to brilliantly spectacular.

decorative lighting

In fact, being on the cutting edge of everything wonderful in outdoor lighting, be sure to look into our latest addition to our outdoor lighting family suite – outdoor sphere lights.

outdoor sphere lights

Outdoor sphere lights, also known as orb lights or outdoor globe lights, are illuminated orbs that add a subtle, whimsical glow to landscapes. Coming in a variety of different sizes, outdoor sphere lights are the perfect combination of useful light and backyard decoration. Made of sturdy steel and LED bulbs, outdoor globe lights can withstand the elements, making them a great option for hanging from trees.

Outdoor sphere lights are an ideal and unique lighting solution perfect for adorning trees, walkways, and more. They can be used in a variety of different ways, including:

Pendant outdoor lights hanging from trees. This is the most common application of outdoor orb lights and for good reason! Hanging light spheres add character and an organic feel to your backyard trees. They are excellent decorations for outdoor gatherings and events but are also perfect for year-round use.

ground outdoor lighting spheres

On-ground outdoor orb lights. Adding a modern touch to your walkways and outdoor spaces has never been easier than with outdoor sphere lights. Securely attached to the ground, on-ground outdoor sphere lights subtlety illuminate your pathways to perfection.

Say Goodbye To Exterior Home Lighting As You Knew It – Say Hello To Professionally Designed And Installed Stunning Outdoor Lighting

We’d love to share more insights and ideas with you. In fact, you’re invited to join us for a complimentary outdoor lighting design consultation – which we can schedule right now – right here.

Robert Van de Putten, Owner

Robert van der Putten, owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay.