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Your Seasonal Landscape Updates Deserve the Spotlight -- With Clearwater & Tampa Bay Outdoor Lighting

Here in the Clearwater, Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg area many homeowners are busy updating their landscapes and outdoor living spaces for the season ahead. The cooler temperatures give new landscape additions time to develop a strong root system making healthier plants. Mild weather also serves as the
perfect catalyst for adding or upgrading outdoor living spaces.

Whether a hardscape or a framed structure is what you have in mind, the temperate conditions help materials like wood, concrete and mortar cure. For example, the temperature of the air, the humidity level, the wind speed and the temperatures of the surface where you are placing the concrete are all considerations when installing hardscapes like patios. Experts recommend that the air temperature is between 50° F and 90° F for optimal results. For wooden structures like decks when applying stain or sealer, you want dry temperatures between 50° F and 90°with low humidity.

Patio Lighting
— Clearwater & Tampa Bay Patio Lighting

Now that you and your landscaper or builder have planned your outdoor project with optimal weather conditions in mind, don’t leave the labors of your project in the dark. Remember that outdoor lighting can improve their benefits and enjoyment.

Palm Tree

Looking beyond your planned backyard build or landscape addition, many times homeowners only contemplate the addition of outdoor lighting after a renovation is completed… as an afterthought. When it comes to a new addition to your yard, it is critical to remember the inclusion of outdoor lighting into the scope of your project. Bringing in a lighting expert early in the design stage of your anticipated project allows for much greater flexibility on what kind of lighting options and placement you may have available.

Outdoor lighting serves as more than just a pretty face, it is also an investment in your home. Professional lighting can show off your home’s architecture, beautiful façade and add depth and interest to the colors and textures present within the landscape itself. Why leave your landscaping in the dark when you can let others also enjoy the gorgeous trees lit up on your property or the beauty of your new paver patio or custom hardscape. On dark evenings, Clearwater outdoor lighting will bathe your home and property in beautiful lighting that creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Deck Lighting
— Clearwater & Tampa Bay Deck Lighting

If you are thinking of adding to or renovating your landscape or outdoor spaces, front or back, don’t wait until the last minute to contact your lighting designer. We love to work with designers, builders and homeowners while they are in the planning stages of an improvement project. We can locate transformers and figure out where fixtures need to go so that you can illuminate special features you’d like to include.

Pool Lighting
— Clearwater & Tampa Bay Landscape and Pool Surround Lighting

Robert Van Der Putten of Outdoor Lighting PerspectivesWe have worked with countless local landscape designers and custom builders and we can easily integrate our working plans with theirs so that you can see it all come together in one cohesive manner. It’s always better to begin planning early so we may bury wire while the ground is open, but we can also come in later too.

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