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Professional commercial Holiday Lighting in indianapolis

Inspire the feeling of merriment this holiday season with professional Christmas lighting and décor for your business. Outdoor commercial holiday lighting and décor is a must for every Indianapolis brick and mortar business. The greenery, bows, and sparkling lights set a festive holiday spirit for clients, guests, and employees. Lifting the mood of patrons and clients emboldens their generosity and brightens their day with the magic of the holidays.

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The question isn’t whether you’ll do it, the question is how you will do it?

Will you painstakingly measure your roofline, buy the lights, climb the ladder, wrap the trees, and plug everything in? Only to find out that one string in the middle isn’t working, or the extension cord is too short, or you wrapped the tree too tight and need one more strand, or one strand is a soft white while the rest are bright white?

In addition to the dangers of climbing ladders and the time it will cost you or a few valued employees, there is a long list of things that can go wrong and cause you a massive headache. Even if it all goes smoothly, will it look professional? Or will it look like someone shot Christmas lights out of a t-shirt cannon and flipped the switch?

Turn-Key Commercial Holiday Lighting

Not to insult anyone’s abilities, but creating an aesthetically pleasing Christmas lighting display is not as easy as it might appear.
When you choose a professional holiday lighting company, you’ll avoid all those hazards, annoyances, and you’ll get a custom, magazine-ready outdoor holiday lighting display.

When you choose Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Indianapolis, the impeccable custom designs, premium client care, and commercial-grade LED lights will make you the shining holiday star against all your competitors. The magic and wonderment of your professionally-lit storefront will welcome clients, encourage their return visits, and transport them to joyful, nostalgic moments from past holidays.


With our commercial holiday lighting installation service, you’ll get:

  • Customized outdoor holiday lighting and décor design
  • Meticulous Christmas lighting installation
  • Top-Quality LED holiday lights
  • Prompt post-holiday take-down
  • Safe and secure lighting and décor storage until next year
  • Maintenance throughout the season

Commercial Holiday Lighting Options

We have access to the best in LED holiday lights, wreaths, swag, bows, and garland. Our expert lighting designers will advise you on creating the right holiday display for your business. While we won’t encourage anyone to go Clark Griswold style, to be seen from outer space, we do create designs that span from “less is more” to “more is more” and everywhere in between.

C9 Roofline lights are one of our most popular commercial holiday lighting installations. The classic look is sophisticated, timeless, and looks brilliant alone or with other décor and lights.

Holiday wreaths are becoming the must-have holiday décor item more and more each year. To provide your clients with a holiday vibe during the day as well as at night, we encourage the use of wreaths on or above doors and windows.

Nothing says Christmas like decorated trees. We can wrap your landscape trees and shrubs with gorgeous mini-LED string lights. Wrapped trees are a fantastic way to add holiday spirit starting at the road, around your parking lot, along the drive, or beside your outdoor dining patio. But if you want to go all out with a fully decorated outdoor Christmas tree – we can do that too!

While we have listed a couple of the most popular choices above, there are few limits to what we can do for your outdoor Christmas display. Our connections with vendors and our dedication to custom design mean we will search high and low to find the decor you desire!

Indianapolis Christmas Lighting Company

We’ll untangle the lights. We’ll climb the ladders. We’ll replace the bulb or strand that is burnt out or came disconnected. We’ll endure the post-holiday freezing temperatures to take down your décor to store it for the off-season.

But, you are not getting off the hook that easy! We need you to take the first step of calling us to schedule your design consultation. With a no-hassle, on-site design meeting, we can get your holiday lighting plan determined and schedule your holiday lighting installation. Call now!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Indianapolis are pleased to serve all of Indianapolis and the surrounding areas.

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