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residential lighting services in Indianapolis

Are you looking to illuminate your home and property at night? At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Indianapolis, we have the expertise to create the best personalized LED outdoor lighting system for you! With a plethora of outdoor light fixtures and techniques to choose from, we know we can meet your requirements for improved safety, security, beauty, and outdoor living.

One-of-a-Kind Outdoor Lighting Designs

No two homes or properties are alike, so there should be no two outdoor lighting systems alike. We only create customized LED outdoor lighting systems to meet your home and property’s exact functional needs and enhance its beauty and charm.

We’ll utilize a variety of lighting techniques, combined in a uniquely-you way, for a look that will leave you breathless. A custom combination of exterior home lighting, landscape lighting, path lighting, patio lighting, deck lighting, pool lighting, tree lighting, and even overhead café lighting will make your property shine at night!

Not Just an Outdoor Lighting Company – We Are Your Lighting Partner

Outdoor lighting systems are only as good as they currently look and function. Today’s lighting installation might face extreme temperatures, massive snowfall, electrical storms, a mischievous burrowing animal, or a game of backyard football gone bad. Uncontrollable elements can knock over fixtures, chew through wires, and cause other malfunctions in your outdoor lighting system.

We don’t leave you to manage your outdoor lighting system’s long-term beauty and function by yourself. We provide a free 1-year Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP) with every outdoor lighting installation. Our AMP is your peace of mind that your system will look good and function perfectly year-after-year.

With an AMP, we check all connections, bulbs, and transformers to make sure your system is functioning properly. We also ensure the integrity of your lighting design by adjusting and cleaning fixtures, trimming back hedges, and assessing potential design additions or large alterations to account for new landscape elements since installation.

Whether you are in need of a new outdoor lighting system or service for your existing system, give us a call today. We service all systems and even offer a FREE outdoor lighting system inspection to new clients with existing outdoor lighting.

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