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cafe lighting services in indianapolis

Is your space missed the extra special appeal of outdoor lighting? Our top-quality overhead string lighting can stay up year-round, transforming your outdoor living space or Indianapolis business into a private retreat for relaxing or entertaining.

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Homeowners in Indianapolis and surrounding areas are tripping over themselves to get their hands on outdoor overhead string lighting for their decks, patios, and outdoor living spaces. If you ever hear someone mention market lighting, bistro lighting, cafe lighting, globe lighting or festive lighting -- these gorgeous nostalgic lights are what they want.

Several years back we saw this emerging trend, and as it turns out, it is not a trend at all, but the new must-have feature for your backyard. You can't walk through a big box store without seeing these lights lining the shelves, but, you'd be remiss to sell yourself short by grabbing the retail version to install yourself. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Indianapolis, we offer something much better, something you can enjoy year-after-year. Our cafe lighting is designed for your space, custom strung at the perfect length, meticulously installed, and comes with a 5-year warranty.

Professional-Grade Bistro Lighting

The benefits of hiring Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Indianapolis for your bistro lighting are plentiful. Outdoor lighting is *ALL we do!* Our experience in design and installation means your lights are going to look like something out of a magazine or a Parade of Homes tour. And with our dedication to quality lights, you'll enjoy professional-grade LED string lights that can withstand the winter freeze and the spring storms of the Indianapolis area, backed up with a five-year warranty! Check out the details of what makes our cafe lighting the best:


You'll recognize the advantage of our custom bistro lighting design immediately. Your lights will be the exact length needed. They will, if desired, be on a guidewire to eliminate the chances for drooping or sagging. We can identify the perfect place to tie the lights into your home, porches, pergolas, trees, or the ideal location to add posts. And you'll enjoy the benefits of complex design options such as fanning or criss-cross.


Installation of bistro lighting seems relatively easy, but to get a professional look and an installation that will last can be more complicated than it appears. When attaching lights to houses, trees, or other outdoor structures, it is vital to have a secure connection that looks good, but is also sturdy and in a stud or post. If your lights require the installation of a post, that post needs have a strong footing, needs to look good, be in the right location, and have the precise correct height. We handle all of that for you. Even if you can't even imagine where you'd be able to attach bistro lights at your home, but you know you just *have* to have them. We can help!


Our commercial-grade bistro lights are the best available. They are LED for 80% less energy use and are made to last. We back that proclamation up with a 5-year warranty. Which means if you have any issue such as a burnt-out bulb during the first five years, we'll fix it! We know a few homeowners who have gone through three or four new sets of cheaper bistro lights during a five-year span. So while you might be tempted to go for the inexpensive lights at your favorite retailer, you will likely be spending more money in the long run.

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Cafe lighting is a perfect solution for both relaxing evenings and for weekend gatherings. We can hang them on pergolas, porches, patios, in the yard, almost anywhere your heart desires. If you are ready to transform your Indianapolis deck, patio, fire pit, or other outdoor living space into instant-fun, call today for a free outdoor lighting demonstration

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