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Outdoor Lighting Design, Installation, & Service for Commercial Buildings & Properties

The Indianapolis-Carmel economy is growing at a rapid pace. With local businesses booming across a variety of industries, competition is fierce. To remain competitive, business owners need to step up their game to retain clients and attract new business. For brick and mortar businesses relying on foot traffic, such as restaurants, coffee shops, retail, bed & breakfasts, and hotels, it is vital you are easy to find (even at night) and you provide incredible experiences to keep them coming back for more. Commercial outdoor lighting might just be the solution you need to turn it up a notch!

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We can help! Our Services include:

  • Custom commercial outdoor lighting design
  • Meticulous outdoor lighting installation
  • Outdoor lighting system analysis and recommendations for enhanced aesthetics and performance
  • Maintenance contracts and ongoing service
  • Outdoor holiday lighting and décor services

commercial building outdoor lighting

If you don't have an outdoor lighting system at your business, we strongly recommend you consider the investment. When compared with other commercial property renovations, outdoor lighting is a cost-effective way to give your business a nighttime face-lift and improve the guest experience.

Increase Client Retention with Outdoor Lighting

Creating an amazing atmosphere provides a foundation for a memorable experience. Business owners can't restrict their facility investments to indoor spaces any longer. People want to be outdoors when the weather allows; day and night. Create attractive, distinct, functional, safe, and enjoyable outdoor spaces your clients won't soon forget with a custom-designed commercial outdoor lighting installation.

Outdoor Restaurant Lighting Ideas

Outdoor dining has been trending for years and the demand for it is continuing to grow. Foodies and everyday diners want the option to sit outdoors on a beautiful spring, summer, or autumn day. So much so that restauranteurs are investing in awnings, pergolas, retractable windows, and premium patio heaters at a record pace.

Friday and Saturday night provide a large percentage of restaurant sales. To maximize revenue, restaurants need to keep their capacity as large as possible and demand at epic levels even after the sun sets - all the way to closing time. With the addition of premium outdoor lighting for your restaurant's dining patio, every table can be utilized all night and word will get out about the place to be on Friday nights!

Restaurant exterior lighting

As each restaurant patio has unique features of its own, our custom designs provide the best lighting for your target audience and to fit your space. We do however recommend a few techniques that most of our restaurant owners love to feature at their Indianapolis area eateries.

Overhead cafe lights create a cool atmosphere that everyone can enjoy. Older diners are taken back to the good old days with nostalgic feelings of summer carnivals to warm their hearts. Young adults and children will love the fun, party vibe that sets the stage for a memory they will look back on fondly. The lights can be installed into your shade covering or we can furnish the proper support structure to stretch them across a large open space.

Hardscape and deck lighting is a handy trick for many restaurant patios. If your's features concrete planters, stone landscape walls, roof-support columns, or deck railings we have the perfect lighting to frame the space. Our copper half-moon lights provide ambient light and can be mounted on almost any vertical structure. We have lights to mount in between two layers of masonry work or under capstones or countertops. We also can source gorgeous designer lights to mount on top of posts or planters similar to post cap lights.

No matter the size, shape, or style of your outdoor dining space, we would love to create a custom restaurant lighting design for you. Give us a call to schedule a design consultation.

Outdoor Lounge Lighting

Guest-centered businesses often feature lovely grounds that are perfectly landscaped and manicured. They showcase amenities such as swimming pools, spas, walking paths, patios, fire pits, lounging and dining areas. These recreational areas of your property are where your guests are having fun and making memories. Don't limit your guests' use of the space to daylight hours. Encourage and invite wandering, meandering, and lounging at all times. With strategically designed outdoor lighting around the entire property, your guests will spread out and make themselves at home. They'll order another drink or invite a friend to come with them next time, because _"you've got to see this place"._

Commercial building outside lighting

If your best outdoor lounging areas already feature stunning outdoor lighting, you may be ready for a redesign, refresh, or cost-savings LED upgrade. Older, halogen systems often require a hefty maintenance expense with constantly replacing bulbs and other adjustments. Today's LED outdoor lights use 80% less energy, the bulbs last *ten times longer,* and they look incredibly beautiful. With an upgrade, you could be looking at a saving in utility costs and maintenance that will get you that pat on the back you've been waiting for from the owner! Best of all -- we'll consult you on it for FREE! And when we're done, you'll know precisely the cost and the projected savings!

Outdoor lighting is a cost-effective way to transform your business' outdoor spaces into a place your clients can make lasting memories to treasure for a lifetime.

Business Sign Lighting

Lighting your commercial building and the business sign is essential. If your business is ever open after sunset (which is before 5 pm in the winter) you need outdoor lighting.

If your business is only open during daylight hours, you still need lighting. Our outdoor business lighting offers a long list of benefits.

  • Decrease risk and liability (theft and accidents)
  • Improve security
  • Increase safety
  • Show off cool architectural features in a new light
  • Attract business after dark
  • Easily be found at night
  • Be seen by passersby when closed. Every brand impression counts.

Commercial Holiday Lighting Installation and Take-Down Services

We offer premium LED holiday lighting and decor, designed, installed, taken down and even stored. The holidays are your busiest time of year, let us handle creating the holiday spirit.

commercial holiday lighting installation

Outdoor Commercial Lighting Maintenance

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Indianapolis, lighting is all we do. That means we are here for the long-haul and prefer to visit your property regularly to keep your lights looking and operating at peak all the time. Ask us about our special commercial maintenance contracts so you can take one more thing off your to-do list.