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Commercial Outdoor Lighting That Saves Money And The Environment

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City has been installing high quality outdoor lighting for more than 12 years. You probably know us as the leader in residential outdoor lighting, but did you know that we also install outdoor lighting for commercial lighting applications? Commercial outdoor lighting is used in a very different way although the decision still comes down to saving money while looking great.

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In commercial applications, lighting typically consumes 38% of the total electricity cost. Looking for ways to save on energy consumption with lighting can make a big difference to the bottom line. In additional to the savings on energy, our outdoor lighting may also qualify for tax incentives and rebates that make the purchase of energy-efficient lighting a winning situation all around.

There are many types of commercial lighting on the market but we feel the best quality lighting rests within two types: LED, or light emitting diode, and Induction. There are differences in the two and they each have their own benefits.

LED lighting uses electricity that is passed through a chemical compound to generate the light. This process produces a clear, white light that lasts a long time. The lumen depreciation or how much the light diminishes over time is very low as is the energy consumption. LEDs boast an instant on and will not flicker as they turn on. While these aspects make LED a good choice for many applications, they are higher in initial cost and ambient temperature dependent.

Induction lighting on the other hand addresses those points and is our preferred lighting solutions for many reasons. Induction lighting is a proven technology and lasts twice as long as LED, making it virtually maintenance-free.

Induction lighting is essentially a fluorescent type lamp without the electrodes. Instead of using electricity to create light, it transfers energy through electromagnetic fields to create light. What it gives you is a crisp white light that allows color to be perceived correctly. This increases safety, security and productivity and it lasts up to 100,000 hours, because there isn’t an electrode or filament to burn out.

The energy savings are comprehensive; more than 90% over incandescent lamps, 75% compared to HID lamps and 50% compared to compact fluorescent lamps. Induction is also rugged and very tolerant of extreme temperatures (even freezers) and vibrations which happen often in commercial environments. You’ll get an instant on without flickering and low lumen depreciation; the light will not diminish more than 10-15% over its lifetime of 11+ years.

If you are looking for ways to reduce your energy costs, illuminate areas for increased productivity and safety while providing a welcoming environment, give us a call. We can discuss the best type of commercial outdoor lighting for your business and how we can save you money.