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Attraction Lights Add Artistry & Beauty to Your Outdoor Lighting Design!

Custom Lighting Design

We create the majority of our custom outdoor lighting designs with one core idea. "Focus on the effect, not the fixture." But, there is a time and place where it is appropriate to incorporate a fixture. One which has a strong, sculptural presence during the day. And a beautiful, glowing presence at night. Enter the addition of Attraction Lights!

We also offer custom string lights and installation for beautiful hanging light effects!

  • These sculptural lights offer excellent LED lighting. Including as path lights, driveway lights, bollards, area lights, or even garden sculptures. Unlike most landscape lights, Attraction Lights add beautiful artistic elements to your landscape. Both during the day and in the evening.
  • Many of these fixtures cast decorative shadow patterns. On the ground surface at night. While at the same time providing top quality LED lighting!
  • Are you looking for outdoor decorative string lights? We can also help you find the most attractive decorative Edison bulb lights to add to your yard, pergolas.


We are artists of light and shadow. We create custom lighting designs that are a combination of soft ambient lighting. Heightens the textures, depth, architectural elements and colors of your home. And increasing the functionality and safety of areas and structures on your property. And adding complexity and depth to your garden and landscape. Outdoor decorative lights can help to create the most attractive backyard. At home and in your neighborhood!

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