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Increase Your Outdoor Enjoyment With Kansas City Backyard Lighting!

Kansas City pool area lightingThe time has arrived when our minds turn to outdoor living. The days are longer, the temperatures are warming up and the sights and sounds of the season are coming alive in our backyards. As we move into the spring and summer months our focus turns to getting our backyard entertaining spaces in gear for warmer weather and family gatherings. From sprucing up the landscape, power-washing the deck to opening the backyard pool, Kansas City backyards are alive with the excitement of spring.

​​​​With all the tasks at hand in preparing for the outdoor living season ahead, have you considered how the addition of outdoor lighting could increase the functionality and ambiance in your backyard spaces? Outdoor lighting isn’t just reserved for the front facade of your home. Backyard lighting enhances the time you spend outdoors with friends and family and ensures your fun won’t be dictated by the setting sun.

Beautiful Backyard with outdoor lighting

We use energy-efficient LED outdoor lighting which uses very little power to bring in plenty of light so that you can enjoy all the things your family loves to do outdoors like playing football on the lawn, board games by the fire pit or dining al’ fresco while Dad is flipping burgers at the grill. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City’s outdoor lighting systems are programmable, so they are designed to work to fit your lifestyle. We place lights where you need them so you can make the most out of each backyard zone.

Here are just a few examples of beneficial and beautiful backyard lighting applications:

Kansas City deck lightingDeck and Patio Lighting — Deck and patio lighting brings your backyard to life after the sun goes down while improving outdoor safety. The North American Deck and Railing Association’s Deck Safety Month is coming up in May, and outdoor lighting is a great way to increase the function, style and safety of your deck, or other outdoor living space(s). Lighting is especially helpful when installed by stairs, risers, exits and handrails. Lighting will also create ambiance within areas that are being used in the evening. For example, pillar lights help define perimeters and look amazing when mounted directly onto brick and wood columns.

Professional deck and patio lighting creates a custom look for your outdoor living space to enhance these spaces for everyday use or during outdoor events and gatherings. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City uses a combination of lighting styles to accommodate different purposes. The size of the area along with its function help to determine the type and number of lights you need for your deck or patio. Spot lights can be used in task areas, such as outdoor kitchens, while accent lighting creates a soft, inviting illumination in seating areas. Recessed lighting incorporated into steps and lights placed around walkways and doorways enhance safety.

Kansas City pool and patio lightingPool and Water Feature Lighting — What better way to enhance the mood than with light dancing off of tranquil water? Pool and water feature lighting is a must for homeowners who want to get the most out of their pool and surrounding space. Lighting will allow you to enjoy that “midnight swim” with peace of mind, and will also allow extended hours of enjoyment by the pool and in the pool. In addition to its aesthetic benefits, pool and water feature lighting is extremely functional, such as illuminating the areas around your water feature, delineating a pathway, and making you feel more safe and secure. Our professional design service and high quality fixtures can do all of this and more.