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Craft Your Own Luxurious Space At Home With Creative Outdoor Lighting

These cooler days and nights make me want to get out and enjoy every minute of the weekend as possible.  There’s nothing better than taking a short road trip to a local hillside vineyards, like one of our favorites, Somerset Ridge Winery, on these crisp, sunny days. Spending time with friends, meeting new people, listening to local bands and chatting with the vineyards wine makers. The only problem with the local wineries is that they close relatively early, but the fun doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City can recreate that perfect vineyard atmosphere in your own backyard so you can enjoy your newly purchased wines.


Whether you love putting your palette to the test with a wide selection of sophisticated tastes, pampering yourself with exotic cheeses and treats or just soaking up the beautiful Kansas weather and gorgeous view, you don’t have to give it all up when the wineries close at sunset.

Our experts at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City can customize your backyard to create a truly one-of-a-kind relaxing experience at your own home. The options are endless – Sprinkle a trail of delicate path lighting through the yard or garden, or light up your terraces with soft café lighting above. Choose from a wide variety of luxurious landscape, deck and patio lighting that’s perfect for hosting a group of friends after a day at the vineyard. Even after the sun goes down, you can sit back, relax and pop open a bottle of your favorite wine you sampled earlier – it’s like you never left the paradise of the vineyard.

Imagine spending evenings in your backyard surrounded by soft, ambient light, sipping on a hand-crafted, award-winning artisanal wine while you soak in your new, beautiful surroundings that will only look better and better as the season changes. We’re experts at creating truly unique designs and experiences for each and every home to reflect your personal style and taste.