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Benefits of Installing an Outdoor Lighting System in Phases

Sometimes it’s best to ease into things. Of course, there are always people who charge headfirst in all aspects of life, cheering as they go. But whether it’s jumping into a cold river or making a life decision, many of us feel more comfortable committing when we take one step at a time rather than just leaping into action. If this approach to life is more your speed, did you know that it’s okay and even advisable to take this tactic when installing outdoor lighting? It is. Though over the years, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City has installed many full systems in one install, we have found that for many clients it is best to install their outdoor lighting one area at the time.

Clients who install outdoor lighting in good step-by-step fashion reap several benefits. The first is financial. By choosing to start with architectural lighting in the front of the home then adding landscaping lighting and even later illuminating the deck, these clients spread the cost of their system over time. They don’t have to commit as many dollars all at once. From a design standpoint, this approach is beneficial as well, especially if you plan any home or landscape improvements that may impact the exterior elements of your property. It also allows clients more time to decide what look they really want from their system. And finally, once our clients have worked with us through an install, many find themselves more comfortable discussing their options and presenting us with their ideas.

Have you heard of Houzz? It is an app available for smartphones and tablets and available through your browser that allows you to easily browse a variety of residential designs in many different areas. If you are considering any type of home improvement, download this app or log in. Look for Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City profile, especially if you are planning to add outdoor lighting. You can view some of the projects we’ve done and save them to your idea book. That way, when you come to talk to us about the next phase of your outdoor lighting installation, we can see what you like.

Don’t feel that great outdoor lighting must be all or nothing. Installing in stages can even help you avoid doubts that your system was a good choice. And every few months, you can look forward to seeing your new improvements come to fruition on your time line. So call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City today, we will be happy to answer any questions you have about outdoor lighting or installing a system in phases. There’s no need to rush.

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