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Bring More Holiday Buzz To Your Business With Festive Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Street decorated with Christmas lightsUnless your a toy store, it’s not uncommon for local businesses to experience a little winter slump. The days are shorter, people go home earlier, and it’s easy for your business to get left in the dark. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City can help you combat winter seasonality for your business by brightening it up with fun, festive commercial outdoor lighting.

Think like a consumer – if you have a choice between visiting a dull, dark building or a business that’s taken the time brighten up their space in the community, which would you choose? Chances are, if your building is a Scrooge on a block full of holiday cheer, it’ll start to show in your numbers.


Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City offers a wide range of commercial outdoor lighting to help you show off your holiday spirit and hopefully boost your winter numbers. For example, take a look at this downtown scene and the difference we created with string lights and hanging decorations. Traditionally, these decorations are meant to brighten up a path for Santa and make for a clear landing on the roof. For you, a few string lights could easily help lead big customers to your door.

Christmas lights and wreaths decorating the side of a businessAnother great addition to your business for the season is traditional wreaths and garland. These decorations immediately add a sense of warmth and coziness to your space, which is especially important in the dead of winter. These lighted outdoor decorations can stay on day and night, and the UV protection helps protect against fading colors. Customize your wreaths by choosing the size, colors and even the pine cones and berries that really make them pop.  This type of homey décor is an excellent strategy for creating a more personal, inviting look for your business.

Work with an expert to put your own spin on your holiday lighting by customizing the colors you’d like and how you’d like your overall design to look. If you’re not crazy about a big, flashy design, we’ll help you create a subtle, elegant look that will still dazzle your customers.

If you’re ready to go all out with big commercial displays, the clock is ticking. Our schedule fills up fast and supplies are limited. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City now to make sure you place your order and schedule an installation in time to get everything you need to bring more buzz to your business this holiday season.