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Does Your Kansas City Outdoor Lighting Need a Facelift?

Older neighborhoods with homes of 20+ years of age are often filled with a plethora of antiquated and worn outdoor lighting fixtures and systems that can make the outside of any home lose curb appeal and appear to be not maintained. Inferior fixtures made of cast aluminum or plastic corrode and degrade over time and look ragged and bring the “face” value of your property down. Even worse, old line voltage halogen fixtures use a lot of energy which is not wallet friendly either.

Aged cast aluminum fixtures showing signs of corrosion.

If you find your outdoor lighting is in a similar condition as those noted above, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City has two options for you–we can update your existing fixtures if they are in applicable condition by converting them to newer LED technology so they are low consumption, OR, we can revamp your entire existing system with our high-quality American made brass and copper fixtures that will give your home an entirely different look and look great for years. Unlike cast aluminum or plastic, they won’t rust, bubble or fade over time and will have a fresh look and feel with low consumption wattage.

We can upgrade your system to super-efficient LED’s with our high-quality fixures.

The lighting systems of today and those of twenty years ago are not comparable. Technology has improved dramatically and instead of annoying change-outs of halogen bulbs every season, LED’s last 50,000+ hours without a hitch. And our LED’s are made different from our competitors because if one of their LED fixtures fails, you would have to throw it out entirely and get a new one. Our LED fixtures are manufactured to our specification so we can simply replace the LED itself that has gone out. That’s a big money saver right there!

Leawood KS Focal Point LightingTimers are far more sophisticated these days too, as they will automatically update for daylight savings time and compensate for shorter and longer hours so you don’t even have to think about it. Today’s timers are so cutting edge that they can even control multiple zones to make it look like someone is always home—and you can manage the entire system conveniently from a smart phone or computer. So even if you are on vacation or traveling for business, you can make sure your outdoor lighting is doing what it should.

The lighting ability of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City’s fixtures is far superior to old ones from decades ago. We can control the distance and width of the beam of light so that we can give you the ambiance and effect you desire. We can mount lights in your gutters to cast a wash of illumination down the façade of your home, and cast light way up into the canopy of your trees with ease. We offer task lighting for your outdoor kitchen, overhead lighting across large expanses such as a big patio or deck or focal point lighting to showcase a water feature or favorite piece of outdoor sculpture in your garden. You don’t have to settle on white light either; we’ve got several color options available that can be used with interesting effect or solely for special occasions.

Welcome home to high-quality, beautiful and dependable Kansas City outdoor lighting!