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Don’T Scare Trick-Or-Treaters!

If your home seems unwelcoming due to a lack of proper lighting, this fall is the perfect time to explore your outdoor lighting options. Halloween and the holiday season are fast approaching and the days are getting shorter. It won’t be long before guests are approaching your front door for trick-or-treating, Thanksgiving food drives, online shopping deliveries, and Christmas caroling. You might even think that your existing stake solar lights and lone porch light get the job done, but when trick-or-treaters are stumbling through your front yard you may realize the importance of exceptional landscape and architectural lighting.

Don’t scare trick-or-treaters trying to navigate your dark front walk and steps! For both safety and security’s sake, here’s a rundown of the lighting you need to keep the little witches and goblins, and all of your guests, safe:


In addition to keeping the witches and goblins out of your flower beds, a lit front walkway is necessary for the success of late deliveries. Don’t forget, in December a “late delivery” of a package at 4:30 or 5:00 p.m. will be after it is already getting dark. Will the driver be able to see your house number and the path to the door?


Whether it’s trick-or-treaters in bulky costumes and masks or your hands are full of shopping bags and packages from holiday shopping, it’s important to have well-lit stairs. It’s all too easy to miss a step and, in addition to dropping all of your goodies, take a painful spill.

Help your holiday guests avoid injury with proper outdoor lighting for your front yard and consider extending the use of your backyard too! Outdoor lighting can extend patio season deep into fall allowing you to enjoy the beautiful, colorful fall foliage while you and your family grill out.