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Would Your Home Pass This 6-Question Lighting Quiz?

Like most homeowners, you probably take a lot of pride in your house. It’s your biggest investment, and you’re always busy making sure it’s in good repair and looking good too. You work hard at keeping the lawn green and lush, the flower beds watered and fed, and it’s paying off. Your home is one of the nicest looking houses in the neighborhood. That is, until the sun goes down. You have two beautiful lanterns illuminating the front door, and a small spotlight over the garage door, but it’s not enough.

Take the following mini outdoor lighting quiz to find out if some additional exterior lighting might solve your home’s nighttime invisibility problems:

outdoor lighting 6 question quiz home landscape lighting kcTRUE OR FALSE?

  1. People visiting at night can easily navigate my front walkway. True/False
  2. My house number is clearly visible from the street after dark. True/False
  3. I would be able to easily spot someone in any corner of my yard after the sun goes down. True/False
  4. My front door lighting throws plenty of light on the steps leading up to the entry. True/False
  5. Company can see my beautiful landscape design no matter what time of day they’re visiting. True/False
  6. I can grill (and actually see what I’m grilling!) on my patio after dark. True/False

If you answered “false” to 3 or more of the above questions, it’s probably time to connect with a professional lighting designer to create an exterior lighting plan that does your home some justice!