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The End Of Daylight Savings Time’s Effect On Your Kansas City Landscape Lighting

Are you still going around your house resetting your clocks with the end of daylight savings time? How about that pesky one in your car you can never remember how to change. You may think you’ve conquered the great clock quest but don’t forget about your outdoor lighting system. Making sure your Kansas City outdoor lights come on to welcome you home at night can make a big difference.

Coming home to a dark house at night definitely makes it more difficult to navigate your way to the entry points. Even more so for guests who are unfamiliar with your pathways and driveway. Make sure your outdoor lighting system is working for you by adjusting the time change on your landscape lighting timer. If you have an older model timer that needs to be adjusted, we can help you. Our timer instruction are listed on our Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City website. If you’re still having some difficulties, just give us a call. We’ll be happy to walk you through the settings. If adjusting the time is something you’d like to live without, consider upgrading to one that automatically updates daily to reflect the changing dawn and dusk times. Once the timer is set, you’ll never have to reset it.

With LCA, you can control your outdoor and indoor lighting through the web.

If you’d like to go one step further, we can get your Kansas City landscape lighting system  set up with our Lighting Control Automation (LCA). LCA it gives you complete control over your outdoor lights and more. You can set up zones within your outdoor lighting system so you porch lights can come on before your landscaping lights. They can also be set to dim after midnight or any set time so that they don’t seem as bright throughout the night. LCA can also control your electrical outlets inside your home, turning lights on and off at set times. The possibilities are as extensive as your imagination and it can all be controlled through your computer, smartphone or tablet.

If you’re ready for some LCA technology, in need of a few light bulb replacements, interested in adding on to your landscape lighting system or want to upgrade your system to our energy efficient LEDs, give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City a call. It’s a great time of year to enhance the look of your home and it can all be done in time for the upcoming holidays. You’ll love the difference outdoor lighting will make to your home, landscaping and outdoor living spaces.