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Why You Should Choose A Professional Outdoor Lighting Designer

The best outdoor lighting is created by professional outdoor lighting designers because of their knowledge and experience.

So you’re thinking of adding outdoor lighting. You already know it’s an investment, so you’re shopping around in an attempt to determine your best option – DIY, a general contractor, or the professional outdoor lighting designer. Of course, DIY is the cheapest, but you’re a little uncomfortable tackling the project on your own. This hesitation is well founded. Not only does outdoor lighting require precise fixture placement in order to produce an attractive scene, it also involves significant electrical work. And that work can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. You go ahead count DIY out. Next is the general contractor. This person has some experience but is a “jack of all trades”. The contractor’s prices are more than DIY, but paying extra to ensure you don’t end up in the ER or start a fire is probably worth it. Then, there is the professional outdoor lighting designer. The designer has a portfolio of work that you love. Unfortunately, the price is even higher than that of the general contractor. What do you do? Is the professional’s price really worth it?

Getting exquisite outdoor lighting means calling the right person.

It’s true that, here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City, we have a vested interest in promoting professionally designed outdoor lighting. After all, it is all we do. However, through the years, we have been called to many Kansas City properties where the homeowner chose DIY or a general contractor only to have problems later and need our assistance to correct their system. When this occurs, the client would have been better off financially and personally (such a situation is quite stressful) to have just called us in the first place. Remember that outdoor lighting is an investment. You wouldn’t invest in risky futures with a marginal payout. Don’t do this with your outdoor lighting.

Calling a professional gets you the lighting you want without the headache.

So what does a professional outdoor lighting designer bring to the table that the general contractor doesn’t? Years and years of specialized experience. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City, we know outdoor lighting. We know how light behaves, i.e. how much it will spread as it travels, how to control it within a given area, how to eliminate “burn out” or intense spots where detail is lost. We also understand how light enhances a space and that every space is unique. Just because an object or feature exists in your outdoor space doesn’t mean it needs to be highlighted. Professionally designed outdoor lighting has purpose and anambiance that the homeowner wants to capture. All of these factors dictate where we should set your lights and what sorts of fixtures you will need. In order to be effective, outdoor lighting needs to be customized, and that is something you will only get from a true professional.

Of course, only you can make decisions about what is best for your property, but before you make a decision, be sure to call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City. Talk to us. Ask us questions about our products, the design, installation, and maintenance phases, or any other area. We want you to have the information you need. We will even come out to your property to show you first hand the difference professionally designed outdoor lighting can make. And we do this for free without obliging you in any way. Remember that your outdoor lighting is an investment. Be sure you are informed before you make a decision. Contact us today.