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Deck Lighting Keeps Kansas City Decks Lively All Night Long

No outdoor living space quite says “summer night out” like the deck. Decks offer a distinctive space for gatherings large and small. Their elevation helps keep many creepy crawlies away, and you can go barefooted without care. That said, if your deck isn’t properly illuminated, it becomes virtually unusable at night. Edges and stairs become dangerous trip hazards, and poor visibility makes colliding with an object or person easier than avoiding them. This is unfortunate because the deck’s space, set apart from the rest of the yard, can be the most enjoyable, safe location for nighttime gatherings. The solution is simple – deck lighting.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City, our approach to deck lighting is both similar and different from other types of outdoor lighting. It is similar in that every deck, just like every home and landscape, is unique in some way. Because of each deck’s uniqueness, it is important to consider what lighting fixtures and design will look best on a particular deck. It is different in that we must deal with the complications of mounting fixtures (you can’t simply stick them in the ground) and hiding wiring. Because of this, we rely on some unique fixtures to make your deck both beautiful and safe.

  • Copper Half-Moon Deck Light – This light is discreet, beautiful, and mounts easily to posts, retaining walls, and other small spaces. This fixture is perfect for casting ambient light into the space and will develop a lovely patina finish over time.
  • Classic Adjustable Pier Mount Brass Deck Light – This classic fixture can be mounted to the tops of retaining walls and railings. The light emitted by this fixture encompasses a wide area for its size.
  • Antique Brass LED Deck Light – Small enough to fit in even the tightest spots, this fixture can illuminate up to 6 feet when it is mounted 3 feet high. It is small enough that no one will even notice its presence, and they may ask where the light is coming from.
  • Step Lights – Step lights are fixtures that are mounted into the risers of steps. They provide illumination so stairs are easy to navigate. However, bouncing light from other sources onto stairs can often accomplish equally adequate illumination while improving the overall aesthetics of the lighting design.

As you can see, our options for deck lighting are numerous, and these are only some of the fixtures we can use. The best choices are always dependent on the deck itself and the mood the client wants for the area. So as you get ready to host parties or even just spend time outdoors with your family this summer, don’t forget to maximize use of your deck. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City today. We would love to show you just what a difference deck lighting can make after sundown.