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Bring Magic To Your Evening Social Gatherings With The Festive Glow Of Permanent Or Temporary Event Lighting!

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We were recently invited to provide our expert opinion for a May 2nd article in The Kansas City Star newspaper regarding the beautifully versatile lighting style of festival, café and fiesta lighting and string LED lighting on both a permanent and special event (temporary) level. As Kansas City’s premier outdoor lighting professionals, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City was thrilled to provide our input for our local paper, The Kansas City Star.

Who doesn’t love festival or café lights? They can add a romantic glow to an even celebration, such as a wedding reception or anniversary party, set the mood for an intimate dinner for two at a quaint outside bistro and put the festivities in high gear at a carnival or fair. Now imagine being able to achieve all of these effects for the many different events you host in your own backyard outdoor living space. Your patio, deck or porch can be transformed into any one of these enchanting scenarios with our permanent festival or café lighting (sometimes referred to as festoon lighting, bistro lighting, string lighting or fiesta lighting), and it’s tough enough to weather all seasons.

Not sure you need permanent outdoor string lighting, but intrigued with the idea of utilizing temporary outdoor lighting for a special event you are planning? Whether it’s at your home, a rented venue or even a short-term structure, our temporary outdoor lighting can be set up just about anywhere to define the perimeter of your area, add safety to steps and pathways or just add ambiance to your party. Don’t let your party end too early because you don’t have the proper lighting.  For spaces where traditional lighting isn’t an option, our battery-powered temporary outdoor lighting has the same benefits as our traditional outdoor lighting but can be set up quickly, will last throughout your entire event and are rechargeable. Plus, our temporary lighting is of the same high quality as our traditional lighting.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City, can help you illuminate your evening events with an artist’s eye for detail in accenting and highlighting, guaranteeing all your special occasions are nights to remember. We have completed many permanent and temporary festival lighting installations in and around the Kansas City area for both residential and commercial settings — to rave reviews! Business owners and homeowners alike are requesting this unique lighting for their backyards, outdoor living spaces and commercial storefronts.

Popular outdoor uses for these overhead soft-glow, string lights include: dining areas, dance floors, band stands and guest parking areas. Café lights are also great for courtyards, patios and decks as they convey a festive atmosphere for lots of mingling, cocktails and conversation. We have even assisted a client with the biggest proposal of his life…he had us spell out “Marry Me” in C9 string lights on top of a local hotel.  As you can see, our permanent and temporary outdoor event lighting is quite versatile. If you have a unique lighting situation, call us, we can show you how lighting in the most unusual places will transform you spaces.

Commercial venue decorated with market lights

Throughout the Kansas City area, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City is the first choice for custom designed and installed high quality outdoor lighting systems for your home, pathways, landscaping, decks, patios and pool areas. And, we are rapidly becoming just as well-known for permanent and temporary outdoor event lighting. We’ve got you covered no matter what type of lighting you need for your home or special event. If you’d like to see more photos of our special event lighting, check out our Houzz profile or our photo gallery on our website.