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American Lighting Association Highlights Outdoor Lighting

Kansas City outdoor lightingI recently read an article by the American Lighting Association on Outdoor Lighting. The article cites outdoor lighting’s benefit, enhancing your property and providing safety and security. It also talked about how outdoor lighting allows you to take advantage of your outdoor spaces after dark and adds value to your home.

Some of the lighting applications were listed as:

  • A well-lit front entrance enabling you to greet guests and identify visitors.
  • An illuminated house adding security to otherwise dark areas.
  • Steps, paths, and driveways properly lit for easier navigation and safety after dark.
  • Decks, porches, and patios turned into romantic evening retreats enhanced with spotlights in the branches of nearby trees.
  • Water falls illuminated with underwater lighting for beauty and safety.
  • Grills and serving areas with bright task lighting.

These are all areas of the home and outdoor spaces we would agree should be properly lit. But where do you begin? The first area should be determined by the way you use your outdoor spaces. Do you want the front of your home illuminated for ambiance and/or additional safety? Do you have a big outdoor event planned that could benefit from deck, patio or backyard landscape lighting? Are you looking to bring some tranquility to your world and just want an outdoor area where you can unwind and relax?

A professional outdoor lighting company can design the perfect plan to light your areas. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City has outdoor lighting fixtures for every area of your outdoor spaces and can accomplish lighting all the applications listed above. Our architectural lighting shows off your home’s most desirable features.Focal lighting accentuates beautiful trees or water falls. Our path and landscape lighting safely draws your guests in to your luxurious spaces.

If you are still unsure about the area you want to light first, give us a call. We can help you determine where to start and can even demonstrate how our lighting will bring new life to your areas.