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4 Steps For Adding Style And Comfort To Your Outdoor Living Space

Spring in Kansas CityWith the impending arrival of summer, everyone’s outdoor living spaces are being prepared for all sorts of events and gatherings. The warmer weather almost beckons us to expand our living spaces outdoors for just about all of our activities, from relaxing to dining alfresco or even cocktails and conversation or an evening pool party! Your outdoor living area can bring you immeasurable enjoyment and provide a unique place to unwind and entertain, especially if it includes the right amenities. As such, shouldn’t you and your family and guests be just as comfortable outside as you are inside while enjoying time together? Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City believes you absolutely should and can with a professional outdoor lighting system custom designed for your space and premium outdoor furnishings by Casuwel.

With just a few simple steps, you can achieve style, comfort and ambiance for your exterior outdoor living spaces just as you have created for some of your most beloved interior rooms. By blending your ideas of what is interior and what is exterior, you increase your sense of home. Here are the four steps you need to complete your outdoor living environment, making it the space that will quickly become your favorite whether you are just relaxing or entertaining friends and family.

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  1. Cover your bases – The foundation of your outdoor living environment, be it a hardscape or deck is a great place to begin to build your outdoor décor. Casuwel’s finely crafted outdoor rugs are specifically styled to survive the elements while creating a harmonious union of design for your exterior dining, living or conversation areas. With multiple patterns, which include modern designs, traditional picture frames, geometric lattices, and soft botanicals to grace the floor of your outdoor space, you are sure to create an area that is stylish and inviting.
  2. Consider this to be another cozy space and furnish it as such – When you are creating an interior room for comfort and enjoyment, you want to fill it with comfortable furniture made of durable materials…after all it’s definitely going to be used a lot and by many. Meticulously handcrafted to meet our exacting standards, Casuwel assures maximum longevity, performance, and comfort in even the most demanding outdoor climates. Each of the four timeless collections include sofas, side tables, dining tables, chairs, and ottomans for you to tailor a furniture plan that meets your needs. Using precision cutting and sewing techniques our custom cushions are hand tailored to each specific piece of Casuwel furniture for the coziest seating.
  3. Set the mood and increase versatility and function in your space with a custom outdoor lighting system – The addition of outdoor lighting allows you to enjoy even more time on your patio or deck with increased safety and security well after the sun goes down. Ambient lighting sets the mood and creates a warm and inviting environment for your guests during social gatherings as well as enhances the overall beauty of your home. For example, pathway lighting safely guides your guests to the heart of your home or can make you feel as if you are truly “getting away” as you walk down a lighted pathway to reach your outdoor living space; patio and deck lighting allows you to use your outdoor living spaces in the evening by safely illuminating your stairways with step lights and highlighting the perimeter with deck post lighting; and pool lighting adds sparkle to the water, creating a beautiful place to entertain or relax the stresses of your day away.
  4. Accessorize, accessorize…accessorize! All of the finishing touches for your outdoor living space, such as cushions, pillows and umbrellas pull your space together. To complement your selection of furniture and express your personal style, the Premium Comfort Cushions and decorator pillows of the Casuwel line can be customized with any of the dozens of famous Sunbrella® fabrics available in a wide array of colors from timeless neutrals all the way to vibrant tropical hues. And, to top it all off, we’ve got you covered with our lovely assortment of 9-foot round, 11-foot round, rectangular and cantilever shade umbrellas available in your choice of shape, size and color.
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We can help you add the right amenities to your outdoor living area for more style and comfort to live well. Whether you want to create the perfect outdoor lighting design for your landscape and outdoor living area or furnish your personal oasis with premium hand-woven furnishings, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City is where you will find the best products and the experts needed to get the job done right.