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Beautiful Kansas City Outdoor Lighting Begins Here!

Beautiful Kansas City Home Lit UpHave you moved into a new house and considering outdoor lighting? Or maybe you are in awe of your neighbors outdoor lighting you admire each evening on your way home?  It doesn’t matter if you need a whole new system or are seeking to update an existing one, we can help you get off to the right start so you have no regrets later. We have clients who want all the elegance that outdoor lighting provides, but they don’t know where to begin. They drive around the neighborhood looking at homes with fabulous lighting and have no idea how to achieve the look. Let us show you how — because Kansas City outdoor lighting begins with us!

Leawood, KS outdoor lighting

First, if you are admiring a home with a well-executed lighting plan there’s a good chance that a professional lighting designer did it (maybe even us!). Years of training and education are needed to truly get a professional look, so selecting a good quality lighting contractor like Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City is the first step to doing it right. The ONLY thing we do is outdoor lighting. We don’t do this as a sideline business like your landscaper or your pool man might, and we don’t just buy fixtures off the shelf  like they would have to do. We only use top-quality, UL listed commercial grade fixtures made of copper and brass with stainless steel components for longevity, safety and efficiency. We use the best wire available and we install a timer on all our systems that can be controlled effortlessly–even over the internet on a computer or your mobile device if you are away from home!

Leawood, KS, landscape lighting

  • Quality that shines through!

Our fixtures are unique within our market and made especially for us in America. We don’t sell off the shelf products made with plastic parts. We can even retrofit existing fixtures to LED if that’s what you want as well. We service everything we install, so it’s worth the investment. You will have fixtures that are not like all the others on the block and they will blend naturally into your landscape as we work hard to hide them if that’s what you want. We also offer our decorative outdoor lighting which are works of art unto themselves and look like a piece of sculpture in the garden you would definitely want everyone to see giving off gorgeous patterns of light against a wall or pathway that will leave you breathless.

If there are budget constraints, we can begin with a few well-placed fixtures today and then gradually add more as the budget allows. Even a few lights to start off with can have an enormous impact. We are more than happy to offer you plenty of flexibility to get your outdoor lighting project underway and then tweak it as time and funds allow.


  • We listen, because it is all about you!

Our design consultation is critical to the success of your lighting plan as we take into consideration your lifestyle and budget. Do you come home very late at night often? Do you walk the dog in your yard and need good visibility in a specific area? Do you need task lighting over your BBQ or outdoor kitchen so that you can fire up the grill well after dark and have plenty of visibility to check the doneness of your burgers? Are there features that you want to highlight such as an ornamental tree, a sculpture or even the pool perimeter? We listen carefully to how you live and what your needs are, and give you a lighting plan option that fits the bill.