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Commercial Outdoor Lighting In Kansas City

Improving Illumination At Your Business Can Increase Your Bottom Line

Brick building illuminated with lightsAs a business owner, commercial outdoor lighting is a key to keeping your brand vibrant for your customers after nightfall. Depending on your power company in particular cities, energy rebates are still in effect and they can help give you a boost in terms of making improvements to your grounds and property. If you are suffering through lighting shorts or issues with areas that are simply too dark, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City can come in and fix the problem or even provide you with an upgrade.

We don’t only do residential homes; we have also tackled some big name commercial spots all over town including restaurants, office complexes, stores and even the hospitality business such as hotels, resorts, condo apartments and more. Our professional lighting designers can capture whatever decorative mood you are trying to express to your clients to keep them returning again and again.

Improving illumination at your business can increase your bottom line in a number of ways, particularly with the fact that today’s lighting fixtures are energy efficient thanks to LED bulbs. We can retro-fit your existing high consumption fixtures with cost effective LED’s that can save you up to 80% on your power bill. We can even powder coat or re-paint your current fixtures if they’ve seen better days, and match them to any outdoor design scheme without costing you a bundle and making use of what you already have whenever possible if there are budget constraints. Low wattage fixtures can also save a bundle over old school halogens that are power hungry and hit you directly in the wallet night after night, plus halogens project harsh lighting that does nothing to help your business brand whatsoever. We can use colored lenses that can cast a beautiful pop of color on your façade walls to bring something truly different to the table that will distinguish you from neighboring businesses.

Outdoor pathway illuminated with lights

If you are a new business or have one that hasn’t had any lighting in place at all, there are a bunch of reasons to add some. Customers feel safer parking in a well-lit area and will stay at your business longer hours if they don’t feel like they are in a dark or dangerous area.  Good visibility thanks to proper lighting prevents trips and falls that can lead to expensive hospital bills and possibly even a lawsuit. There are innumerable benefits, too, such as enhancing the landscaped areas around your pool so guests can enjoy an evening swim. Alluring lighting at your front entrance or your signage welcomes clients in an inviting way, and leaves a memorable and upscale impression that will make them want to return during daylight hours if you are closed.

Investing in your outdoor commercial lighting is no different than what makes your interior space exciting.  Guests should be equally as enthralled by what they see outside your business as what they see when they get inside your doors. Projecting an elegant look with professionally done exterior lighting makes good business sense and adds money to the bottom line with plenty of interesting and extraordinary appeal.

If you are thinking of outdoor lighting at your business or storefront, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City today to learn more today -  we service Kansas City and the surrounding areas!