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When It Comes To Exquisite Kansas City Professional Outdoor Lighting, Sometimes Less Is More!

Sometimes, bigger isn’t necessarily better—and that’s certainly the case when it comes to professional outdoor lighting. Today’s modern fixtures are smaller, offer more light output and consume less electricity thanks to low-wattage LED bulbs. You get more effect with a fixture housing that is smaller and will blend into the landscape.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City recently worked on a project where we removed 5 very large line voltage commercial light fixtures that the homeowners were using to provide a  washing effect across their home’s façade. Now granted, this is a large home with spacious facade frontage—but this does not mean that a monster sized fixture is required to properly illuminate the home’s front. We have smaller, energy-efficient commercial grade fixtures that offer the same effect with more benefits than using large, outdated fixtures.

We started by unearthing these gigantic fixtures and then upgraded many of the homeowner’s existing fixtures by converting  them to efficient LED’s and then we also added some additional LED lighting fixtures into the plan as well. The look of the home was transformed with a more natural and elegant feel without the harsh and heavy-handed output produced by the mega wattage sized old fixtures. At Outdoor Lighting Perspective of Kansas City we feel that a well-designed outdoor lighting scheme should focus on the effect, and not the fixture! We can provide you with a stylish and romantically illuminated home without the need for high- powered, energy draining fixtures that look more like they belong in an industrial setting instead of a graceful residential home.

All our fixtures are commercial grade and are made especially for us to our exact specifications in the USA. We can also integrate decorative outdoor lighting that are attractive and intended to be seen as a focal point; and others that are sleek and easily blend into the landscape and still not sacrifice good light output for excellent visibility. There’s no need for a stadium type light in a home setting to gain your desired effect. Let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City light up your evenings with lighting that tastefully provides you with both ambiance and visibility.

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City today to learn more about how we can transform your home and landscape after dark through our professional outdoor lighting designs.