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At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Of Kansas City, Our Lighting Is Designed For The Way You Live Outdoors!

cottage style outdoor lighting

House decorated with lightsIn our line of business homeowners often ask us where should their areas of concern be when considering the addition of outdoor lighting to their home and landscape. Our philosophy is easy; we design outdoor lighting for the way you and your family live outdoors.

Whether you have a significant amount of acreage or live in an urban setting with a smaller lot, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City specializes in creating an outdoor lighting design that is customized and addresses your specific needs. As part of our personalized approach we take into consideration four key elements; these are function, safety, security and beauty. Each of these elements are addressed and play an integral role in creating a design that enhances your lifestyle and needs.

Here are a few examples:

Outdoor pathway litLandscape lighting — professional landscape lighting means more than just lighting a few trees, or a natural area. In order to truly address the differences in each clients’ landscape you have to step intotheir shoes. When lighting landscapes to deliver optimal results we light the view from the homeowners perspective as well as the onlooker. This requires us a dual assignment of making the landscape beautiful from the inside looking out, and, from the outside looking in.

Patio and seating area lightingOutdoor living space lighting — outdoor spaces have evolved to become an extension of our homes, with this in mind, the lighting used should address function and creating relaxation through ambiance. Deck lighting, patio lighting and integrated task lighting over outdoor food preparation areas increase livability within your outdoor living space. Adding stairway lighting within your outdoor space will increase safety especially for small children and the elderly who may have limited mobility issues. Illuminating your outdoor living space will not only give you an inspiring area to relax and entertain in the evening, but it can also offer extra living space in the warmer months. We believe in outdoor lighting that embraces interaction with the outdoors for the entire family to keep body, and soul, healthy.

Lighting control automation timerThe “smart” home and landscape — outdoor lighting plays a major role in the security of your residence. Continued advances in technology now afford homeowners the luxury of being able to control their outdoor (and indoor) lighting using LCA (Lighting control automation) to fit their lifestyle. This convenient technology allows you to customize your outdoor lighting to come on and go off at the times that best suit you. We also offer the capability of being able to control your outdoor lighting via your smart phone too! Advancements such as these will ensure you will be in the driver’s seat when in comes to lighting your home and landscape and is an effective deterrent to keep intruders away, and deliver light to areas when and where you need it most.

If your ready for outdoor lighting that enhances your Kansas City living spaces, and lifestyle, give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City a call. We’ll make sure you’re outdoor lighting is designed with care and personalization!