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4 Enchanting Pathway Lighting Ideas To Welcome Holiday Guests

What better way to welcome holiday guests than with a warmly lit, pathway that leads them to your festive front door? If your front walkway could use a little love, check out these perfectly welcoming walkways we’ve gathered to inspire you. In case your holiday guests don’t come upon a midnight clear, you can make sure they’re safe with a well-lit path to your front door.

A Plethora Of Path Lights

From functional to formal to fancy, your choices are many when it comes to the style of path lights you have to choose from. You’re sure to find one to complement the architecture of your home and landscape. No matter which style you decide on, give us a call and we’ll be happy to install your outdoor lights.

Raise The House Outdoor Lights

No…literally raise the lights by mounting them on posts. This works great if your path is flanked by trees, brick pillars, a fence, or anything else tall. The height allows the light to spread farther and really creates a bright and well-lit path to follow.

Tip: Before installing outdoor lighting, read this article about wiring your lights.

Create Patterned Lighting For Pathways

Light fixtures can add more than just light. Many are designed to create interesting patterns on the pathway as well as illuminate it. Sometimes, just the placement of the path lights, like alternating them on opposite sides of a path, creates a sense of balance and visual interest.

Step It Up

One of the most critical areas to place lights is on steps. Steps are more likely to trip guests than any other area of a path. If the path to your front door includes stairs of any kind, make sure they are illuminated brightly to keep visitors safe.

To say it with Christmas spirit, properly lit paths will ensure that when your guests Step into Christmas, make sure they’re Walking in a Winter Wonderland and don’t accidentally trip on a Jingle Bell Rock. Since Father Christmas doesn’t have much control over Mother Nature, make sure your pathways are clear of snow and ice too. No one wants to get stuck nursing Aunt Edna back to health after a broken hip!

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