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Dst Arrives This Weekend — How Much Time Will You Invest In Setting Your Outdoor Lighting Timer Accordingly?

The arrival of daylight savings time (DST) means many things; yes, it means longer days and spring is fast approaching, but it also means an investment of your time in having the chore of programming all clocks, timers and electronic devices to reflect the change. Most modern households are loaded with time devices, from the microwave to the DVD player and even our cars! With the task at hand, wouldn’t it be nice if your outdoor lighting system could program itself? Thankfully, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City can make it happen.

Outdoor lighting technology continues to advance and enables homeowners to enjoy the benefits of a smarter home. Here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City we offer the convenience of “set it and forget it” timers for your Kansas City outdoor lighting system.

  • Astronomical Timers: These timers consist of a single-point control device that is much more accurate than traditional digital timers. GPS technology allows the timer to automatically adjust the times your lights turn on and off. We simply enter the GPS coordinates of your home and the current day and time. Then, your outdoor lights will turn on at sundown and off at sunrise each day of the year without adjustments. Other on/off times can also be entered depending on how long you want lighting system to operate.
  • Lighting Control Automation (LCA): Lighting control automation consists of a multi-point system that allows effortless automated control. Along with automatically controlling your lighting to reflect the beginning and end of DST, this technology also provides complete control over your outdoor lights and more. You can set up zones within your system so you porch lights can come on before your landscaping lights. You can program lights to come on at 50% and increase as evening progresses, for energy-efficiency and to create ambiance.They can also be set to dim after midnight or any set time so that they don’t seem as bright throughout the night. LCA can also control your electrical outlets inside your home, turning lights on and off at set times. The possibilities are endless and made even more effortless since LCA can be controlled through your computer, smart phone or tablet.

If you are ready to put an end to time spent setting, resetting and the endless race of “chasing dusk“, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City today. Even if you are still utilizing and older outdoor lighting timer, we can reset it for you or install a new astronomical timer or discuss adding LCA. You’ll love the impact our cutting-edge outdoor lighting will make at your home, landscape and business!