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4 Reasons Senior Care Communities Needs Outdoor LED Lighting

senior care community lightingYour senior care community is thriving, while the use of halogen, CFL, and incandescent lighting is in decline. There are four critical reasons to remain on the right side of that trend by upgrading your outdoor illumination to an LED system:

Led Lighting Increases Resident Safety & Quality Of Life

Safety and quality of life are paramount when it comes to your residents, and you want them to always feel at home. Outdoor LED lights have features which keep residents safer, such as:

  1. LEDs are cool to the touch, so residents aren’t at risk of burns if they come into contact with potential garden-path bulbs.
  2. There are no filaments in LED bulbs, so they’re harder to break, making falls, missteps, or other accidents less hazardous.
  3. If one does get broken, LED bulbs contain no mercury for residents to come into contact with, either directly or in their immediate environment.

Outdoor LED Lights also increase the quality of life and sleeping pattern for your residents, particularly those with Dementia and Alzheimer’s, because lighting regulates circadian cycles. LED Lighting provides low-glare, even, and consistent outside illumination that can be customized in color and intensity to specific outdoor area and circumstance requirements, meaning your residents can get a better night’s sleep.                  

Led Lighting Encourages Positive Moods

According a study done by the U.S. Department of Energy, “For the 3 months following the LED trial installation, target behaviors such as yelling, agitation, and crying were reduced by an average of 41% for the three residents, relative to the 3 months immediately preceding the installation.”

Outdoor LED Lighting contributes to a senior care community by fostering:

  • Positive Responses from Current Residents: In facilities with LED lighting, seniors experience favorable behavior responses due to color and intensity adjustments that mimic natural light transmissions.
  • Showcase Your Modern Facility: Prospective residents and their families will notice the modernized, updated feel of your senior care community, as well as the satisfaction and retention of current residents.
  • A More Welcoming Environment: Family and friends frequenting communities with flexible visiting hours will appreciate the safety, convenience, and atmosphere of customized LED illuminated grounds.
  • Increased Emergency Preparedness: Additionally, they will experience, first-hand, how the practicality of your LED lighting system ensures evening emergencies are addressed unencumbered by poor lighting, should quick transport of a resident be required.

Led Lighting Helps Your Staff

While focusing on current and prospective residents in a senior care community is important, the facility would not be able to operate efficiently without staff members. The workforce is growing in age, therefore it is crucial that senior care communities utilize a lighting system that meets various degrees of visual capability.

Some indicators of LED Lighting flexibility and capability include:

  • An LED lighting system provides your staff with customization and programming control. They have the ability to adjust the system as needed to meet the requirements of the residents as well as themselves. No more trying to fumble around in the dark.
  • LED bulbs don’t fail suddenly. When an LED bulb expires, instead of suddenly leaving an area of your community or your staff in the dark, it will simply dim. This gives staff ample time to notify maintenance to address the issue.
  • Your staff has the light they need when they need it. LED illumination is instant. There’s no wait time for full lighting after the system is activated.  

Led Lighting Saves You Money

In comparison to the common incandescent light bulb, Outdoor LED Lighting uses approximately 75% less energy and saves you on energy costs in the long run because of its low energy usage, and its longer-lasting lifespan. LED lighting is also perfect for hard to reach areas, where your lights will last for a long time, saving you on additional maintenance costs.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is here to help you design and install your senior care community outdoor illumination. Your residents, their families, your staff, and your budget all will appreciate the upgrade that LED lighting brings.

If you are interested in LED lighting for your senior care community in the Kansas City area, contact us today for a free consultation.