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4 Trendy Things To Illuminate In Your Backyard

Patios and pergolas look best outfitted with cafe lighting, but there are more features in your backyard that could benefit from a lighting face-lift. Here are four creative ways to show off the coolest features of your yard with outdoor lighting:

1. ENJOY YOUR HAMMOCK IN THE MOONLIGHTHammock under trees with lights

Have you recently set up your hammock for summer nights? What better way to compliment those cool summer nights swinging in a hammock than by projecting a little mood lighting! Wrapping cafe lighting around trees, or doing a “moon-light” installation (where the illumination mimics beautiful and natural light of the moon), enables your family to spend more time outdoors doing things you love.


Calling all proud fresh herb and succulent enthusiasts! Consider investing in outdoor lighting for your container or pallet garden. Adding spotlights, or maybe cafe lighting, will not only take your hobby space to the next level in terms of gorgeous looks, but it will also allow you to create pathways to show off your beautiful gardening space, any time of the day.


If your home has a treehouse or play set, the addition of outdoor lighting is a natural step to completing a memorable childhood experience for your kids. Tree houses are awesome, and when you add cafe lighting, Edison bulbs, or spotlights, you transform a simple treehouse into a magical night-time playroom the kids will be begging to have sleepovers in on summer nights. Play sets, both wooden and plastic, could also benefit from this same upgrade. An added bonus for parents, illuminating your child’s play area makes it easier to see what the kids are up to at a glance.

4. SPOTLIGHT YOUR ROPE & TIRE SWINGScafe lighting on trees

As a child, one of the most memorable experiences is swinging on a tire or rope swing from your backyard’s tree. If your family is fortunate enough to have one, consider continuing the fun into the evening by installing outdoor spotlights on your rope or tire swing, or hanging cafe lighting around the tree. This will let your kids keep playing in a beautifully illuminated area, worry-free.