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Here Comes Santa – Order Commercial Outdoor Holiday Lighting Now

commercial holiday lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City

According to the classic holiday song, “Silent Night” – “All is calm. All is bright”. But if you’d like to show your business’s holiday spirit with twinkling lights, now is not the time to be calm. Now is the time to act! Last minute gifts may be okay, but last minute lighting…not so much. If you don’t have a go-to professional commercial lighting company, choose one early in the fall because, in order to make your facade look festive, it takes a little time and planning.


If you’re a retail business, you want your lighting to lure guests inside. That’s the goal. Professional holiday lighting can help you do just that. From creating welcoming pathways, leading to your door, to outlining the edges of your building, to adding twinkling lights to nearby trees on your property, we can create a charming holiday environment that delights and enchants prospective customers.

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If you’re not a retail business, but want to show your holiday spirit to the world, we can help. Adding extra lighting during the holidays brings joy to passersby and makes your company seem more caring, more human, and more community-minded. It’s great for your brand and your reputation.


  • String Lights on Building – light up your building with colored or white strands of lights hung neatly and precisely.
  • String Lights in Trees – if you’re lucky enough to have trees on your property, we can string them with lights as well. From deciduous trees to evergreens, they’ll sparkle festively.
  • Spot Lighting for Statuary and Fountains – choosing specific objects to light brings attention to trees, statues, fountains and any other interesting hardscaping around your building. Spotlighting draws the eye to the piece enhancing the visual palette.
  • Pathway to Door – lighting a pathway is the next best thing to verbally inviting someone inside. The soft glow of lights creates hospitality and leads them right in.
  • Wall Wash – washing a wall with light, whether colored or white, softens the edges of the building, accents the wall’s texture, and adds warmth.
  • Up Lighting – pointing ground-level fixtures upward dramatically illuminates architectural and landscaping elements.
  • Shadowing – placing lights in front of objects creates shadows that can play interestingly on the building’s facade. causing a tree, fountain or architectural element to cast a shapely shadow against a wall.
  • Silhouetting – backlighting an area can more effectively show an architectural detail or object.

If you’d like to add some holiday cheer to your business with professional lighting, give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives a call. But don’t wait! The holidays are just around the corner. Many of our customers like the lighting so much, they’ve asked us to install permanent lighting for year-round beauty.