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Color Warm, Color Inviting, Color Calm – The New Tone Of Led Lighting

Front yard of the house lit up with lightsYour Kansas City home bathed in warm light, trees casting dramatic shadows against your walls, and garden paths illuminated and inviting – all of these examples of outdoor lighting are appealing and calming. These applications make your family feel at home and your guests feel welcome.

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Why Install LED Outdoor Lighting?

In addition to making your property more visible and safe, quality outdoor lighting affects the mood of those who view your home, and color is one of the key components of outdoor lighting that does so. Light that more closely approximates sunlight has those warm characteristics that attract us and incite our admiration. On the other hand, light that contains too many blue or green tones can be off-putting because it is “cold”. We are not necessarily drawn to such light because it does not appear natural like sun or firelight. In the past, LED lighting had been associated with an unnatural blue color that, while it may illuminate, just does not make you feel comfortable. For many, the energy-saving benefits was not enough to outweigh the lights’ appearance.

Good news! Technology advances in our LED outdoor lighting technology have made a huge difference in the appearance of lighting. Now, in addition to being energy-efficient, our LED lighting is warm and inviting, just like our halogen counterparts. When considering which lights will appear most natural, we consult the

Three LED bulbsColor Rendering Index (or CRI), which is a measurement that compares light from a bulb to sunlight. Light that is higher on the CRI index more closely approximates sunlight. The LED fixtures used by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City are Cree LED’s, and these lights score a 90 out of a possible 100. In short, they are about as close at you can get to natural sunlight.

Upgrade to LED Lights Today!

Gone are the days of sacrificing warm, welcoming outdoor light for energy efficiency. Now, you can have the best of both worlds while LED’s illuminate and highlight all that is beautiful on your property for a fraction of the energy costs associated with traditional bulbs. Today, there is no need for an efficient property to look cold, depressed, or outright creepy. You want you home to beckon others to come closer and admire its soft, warm glow. Now, you can do it efficiently.

If you are interested in seeing how beautiful and natural our LED lights can be, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City today. We will be happy to demonstrate in the evening so you can experience first hand the welcoming glow in which LED lighting can wrap your property.