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3 Ways To Increase Your Home’s Safety

3 Ways to Increase Your Home’s SafetyA common misconception with owning a home is that security and safety are one in the same. Safety and security are both benefits of having a well-lit home, but they are separate benefits. A secure home is one free from danger or threat. Think of your home security system. A safe home is one protected from harm or risk. Think about safety drills you did in school.

Proper exterior illumination is believed to dissuade robbery and other personal crimes due to increased visibility. This is an example of outdoor lighting providing security benefits. Lighting your stairs and patio so that your guests can safely navigate your backyard is an example of safety because the light helps eliminate the risk itself.


When we discuss proper illumination, we should note that there are a number of different ways to light the exterior of your home. DIYers often face these common pitfalls of outdoor illumination, but professionals understand that it is important to have lights strong enough to increase visibility. Something that is just as important as the wattage of your bulbs is their placement. Here are three places to be sure to light for safety:

  1. DOORS: Where there are doors, there are often steps. Make two locations safe at the same time by properly lighting the areas around the exterior of your doors. There will be countless times when you will be coming home late at night and have a bundle of stuff in your arms, grocery bags, Christmas presents, maybe even your child. Those are not the times to be fumbling your way toward the door in the dark, trying to find the knob.

  2. CHANGES IN ELEVATION: Whether it’s a party that lasts long into the night, or just getting your dog after one last trip out before bed, it is critical to have light on any areas of elevation or drastic change in elevation. Nothing ruins a party faster than a nasty fall. Patios, decks, and retaining walls are all beautiful and practical additions to the exterior of your home that can improve your quality of life. They can also be dangerous areas at night without proper lighting.

  3. WATER FEATURES: Pools and jacuzzis are perfect for either cooling off on a hot night or relaxing after a long day. Make sure to have these peaceful places well-lit to avoid serious injury. This is particularly important when entertaining guests. Visitors may not know the area around your home and one slip or trip caused by an unseen obstacle leads to an injury or even a lawsuit.

Cost might also tempt you into neglecting areas of our home’s exterior, but it’s not necessary. You can illuminate your home one section at a time affordably. We do this by creating phases for your project. Bathing one part of your house in light can make a huge difference.

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If you need help, let us know. We do more than just stick lights on your wall and hope you like it. We work with you to plan and design illumination that fits your home and your personality, and then implement the design you like by choosing the most appropriate light fixtures. Feel free to contact us to light up your life anytime.