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St. Louis wedding and special event Lighting

Host a Party to Remember with Special Event Lighting from the Experts in St. Louis Outdoor Lighting

When you’re planning a big outdoor event such as a wedding, reunion, birthday party or graduation party you might be dealing with a great number of party rentals. From tents to tables and chairs and more, party rental companies help homeowners host their own events without having to purchase everything they need. But, did you know you can rent special event lighting to create the exact atmosphere you want? You can!

Outdoor wedding with lighting

Party Light Rental in St. Louis

The same great custom design service you get when you hire us for your landscape lighting in St. Louis is what you’ll get when you need to rent lighting for a special event.

We’ll create a custom lighting plan for your exact venue and party space so that you get the lighting effect you desire. Sophisticated and classy to fun and festive – we can create a perfect atmosphere for your party.

What types of light are available for party rental?
We offer temporary lighting of several varieties to transform your space into a festive party.

  • Festive overhead string lighting can be hung in trees, tents, or elsewhere.
  • Focal lighting is perfect for highlighting trees, arbors, gazebos, and other party areas.
  • Path lighting will guide the way for your guests between different areas of the party.
  • Landscape lighting is perfect for creating an ambient glow throughout the space and around the perimeter.
  • Specialty lighting can be obtained depending on your goals. We’ve provided unique RGB color lighting, mini string lights, even unique modern globes. So, if you have an idea, ask us about it!

What to expect

Outdoor special event lighting

After the initial phone consultation, we’ll check out your event space in person. Then we’ll go back to the design table and create a design based on the space and your exact goals.

Once the design is approved, we’ll put your event on our schedule and order any additional supplies we might need. You don’t have to do a single thing!

The night before or the morning of the event, we will arrive on the scene, install all of your lighting, and make sure it is all running smoothly.

The morning after your event, we’ll come back and take down the lights. Again, you still don’t need to do a thing!

The results speak for themselves as your guests enjoy the beautiful lighting as the party goes as late into the night as you want! (or longer) If you have an event coming up, get in touch with us as early as possible so we can have time to create a design and order any additional lights we might need.

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