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LED Outdoor LightingSt. Louis MO

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is a leading provider of LED outdoor lighting in St. Louis and surrounding areas.

Why choose LED outdoor lighting for your St. Louis area home? LED outdoor lighting offers numerous benefits, making it a popular choice for illuminating any outdoor space. One key advantage is energy efficiency. LED bulbs consume significantly less power than traditional lighting sources. This means lower electricity bills and a reduction in environmental impact.

LED is the longest-lasting outdoor lighting there is. Because LED bulbs require less frequent replacements, they are advantageous for outdoor fixtures, especially those that are difficult to reach.

Additionally, LED lights emit little to no heat, making them safer for any use. The LED bulbs we use are very durable and weather-resistant, ensuring reliable performance in various environments. What’s more, less heat means less insect attraction.

LED outdoor lighting design by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Versatile St. Louis LED Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis provides outdoor lighting with LED technology that is highly versatile. LED lights are highly customizable, which enables us to craft a custom-tailored atmosphere outside your home. Our experienced lighting designers and installers are sure to create an LED outdoor lighting design that enhances your home’s aesthetic appeal, all while providing an element of safety and security. They achieve this not only by lighting placement but also with warm or cool LED lighting colors specific to your desired effect.

LED outdoor lighting is the perfect addition for anyone, who wishes to make their home and landscape stand out at night. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis to schedule your LED outdoor lighting consultation. (636) 202-0369

What types of LED outdoor lighting do we install?

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis excels in many facets of LED outdoor lighting. We can provide outdoor lighting for every area around your home and property. From front-of-home uplighting to walkway lighting to extensive landscape lighting, and even lighting for your outdoor living spaces, including patio lighting, deck lighting, and pool area lighting.

LED outdoor path light installation by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Benefits of each of our LED outdoor lighting types:

  • LED home uplighting is a fabulous way to showcase the design elements of your home. It brings out textures of stone, brick, and other finishes. Landscape lighting highlights beautiful gables and trim elements.
  • LED walkway and path lighting is a perfect addition to lead visitors right to your front door, safely by eliminating trip hazards, such as elevation changes and landscape elements.
  • LED landscape lighting is a beautiful addition to a professionally installed landscaping design, or one that you have created yourself. We can illuminate colors and textures and bring your plants and landscaping materials to life after dark.
  • LED lighting for patios and decks, as well as for pool areas is the perfect way to create a warm and inviting entertaining space outside your home. Whether you are entertaining or privately relaxing in your outdoor living area, LED lighting can provide the perfect ambiance for any use.
  • Color-changing LED outdoor lighting is a great way to set a magical scene, support your favorite cause, cheer on your chosen sports teams, and celebrate any holiday.
  • Permanent LED outdoor lighting is gaining popularity in the St. Louis area. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is a certified provider of Gemstone Lights®. We can install your permanent soffit lighting, often used for holiday lights, but also to provide an endless variety of lighting designs, including colors, patterns, and brightness. Use them all year long or only for special holidays and occasions. They will remain permanently installed and will be ready to set your desired scene through a proprietary lighting design mobile application.

We offer LED outdoor lighting conversions too!

If you already have a traditional halogen or incandescent outdoor lighting system, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can likely convert it to long-lasting, energy-efficient LED outdoor lighting. With our outdoor LED lighting conversions, your entire lighting system doesn’t have to be torn out and replaced. This is a less expensive option for LED outdoor lighting and reduces unnecessary waste.


Searching for LED outdoor lighting near me in the St. Louis area? Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is the outdoor lighting company you seek. Call for a complimentary consultation today at (636) 202-0369.

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