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St. Louis Architectural Lighting

OLP of St. Louis is here to make the place you call home stand out beautifully against the dark night sky; using architectural lighting to highlight the features that you fell in love with while designing or buying your home. What you will find with a company like ours is that we have made it our one and only focus to capture the grandeur of your home long after the sun has set.

Light Brick Facade Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis will design and install a custom outdoor lighting system that will allow you and your family to admire your home at any time – day or night. We will take all of your property’s unique architecture and landscape into account and accentuate your home’s texture, color, and depth. Whether it is terracotta, stucco, stone, timber, brick or siding!

Red Brick Colonial Facade Lighting

We are the experts in exterior home lighting in St. Louis. We will collaborate with you to professionally design, install, and maintain an outdoor lighting system that will accentuate the home’s most attractive features and transform its façade. Call us today for a free design consultation at (636) 202-0369

Modern Siding Facade Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

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