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Exterior Home Lighting for Brick Houses in St. Louis

There is just something about a classic brick home that screams sophistication and charm. From ranches to colonials and even modern style homes, brick is an excellent choice for any house. Brick provides strength and stability and a no maintenance finish that will look as good at year 30 and 40 as it did the day it was built. With stunning day time curb appeal, the only thing left to do is highlight your gorgeous brick home for nighttime beauty.

How to Properly Apply Outdoor Lighting to a Brick Home

Start with the landscape lighting

It might seem as if it can’t possibly be so important, but if you want to properly illuminate your brick home, you have to start with the landscaping. With the strategic use of path lighting and landscape lighting, you can subtly draw the eye of visitors and passersby to your home. A gorgeous brick home illuminated in the middle of complete darkness, just wouldn’t do it justice. Highlight trees, shrubbery, flowers and flowerbeds that surround your gorgeous brick St. Louis home. And for added depth and dimension we love to accent trees and shrubbery that are further away from the home so that your property doesn’t look flat after the sun sets.

Balance light across the entire home

The next step in accenting a brick home with exterior lighting is to use a combination of uplighting and wall wash lighting technique, customized for your home, for a balanced illumination across the entire front facade. By using focal lights at a precise angle, with a wider spread, and strategically spaced, the texture of the brick and relief of the mortar will create a dancing array of light and shadow. From one corner to the other, your home’s grandeur will be on display at night with added safety and security too.

Highlight the highest peaks

Two stories or one with a cathedral ceiling, we love to shine uplights all the way up to the highest peaks of your brick home. Depending on the strategic placement, we may achieve light to your highest peaks with focal lighting from the ground. If not, additional lights used in the eaves of your first floor roofline add intrigue and interest to the upper floors of your home.

Do you just LOVE your brick home and want to show it off at night? Call us today to schedule a free nighttime demonstration to see what outdoor lighting can do for you!