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Bring Your Home to Life at Night with Outdoor Soffit Lighting

Illuminate Your Home’s Facade Like Never Before with our Designer Approach to Outdoor Soffit Lighting

If you don’t have lights installed on the exterior of your home, it’s common for the height to become lost at night without any illumination. This is especially true when the ground level lights and landscape lighting are on, and your home is two or three stories high. The upper levels of your home might become lost in the dark. To combat this common design problem, at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis, we use gutter-mounted lighting instead of soffit lighting. Discover how we can bring your home’s facade to life at night with our unique approach.

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How Our Outdoor Lighting Company Uses Outdoor Soffit Lighting

Traditionally, soffit lighting is mounted along the soffits of a home. It is a downlight that highlights the facade of a home. However, there are some major design challenges when it comes to soffit lighting. You have to have a flat roofline to install it. If not, the light shines down on a funny angle and could potentially even make a large illuminated X across your façade. Many homes feature gable roofs, leaving very few places for soffit lighting. Which could lead to major dark spots. None of which is ideal.

To avoid this challenge and provide gorgeous lighting for homes with any roof type, we exclusively (except in very rare instances) use gutter-mounted uplighting. Instead of pointing the soffit lights down alongside your home, we place lighting alongside the ground and point it up.

The uplighting effect helps the light display more evenly throughout your home’s facade and doesn’t create dark patches or harsh bright spots throughout the exterior of your home. It can even capture your home’s entire height! We can adjust the uplighting as needed to ensure your home has just the right amount of light to look amazing at night.

exterior home lighting

How Gutter Lighting Can Enhance Your Home’s Beauty

It’s doesn’t matter if your home is one or four stories tall; gutter lighting is the perfect way to draw attention to your home’s most unique elements. Whether you have exposed beams or custom stone facades, gutter-mounted uplighting casts light to the upper levels of your home so charming features don’t get lost in the dark. Our outdoor lighting designers will strategically place your gutter lighting to emphasize your favorite details of your home. The combination of ground uplighting and gutter mounted uplighting is the best combination to showcase your home’s unique character flawlessly.

Soffit Lights on House: Enhance Aesthetic Appeal, Increase Security, and Add Value

Soffit lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis offers numerous benefits to homeowners. Firstly, it can enhance the aesthetic appeal of a property, highlighting architectural features and creating a warm, inviting atmosphere. Secondly, soffit lighting can provide security and safety by illuminating dark areas around the home and making it easier to navigate paths and steps. Additionally, soffit lighting can also increase the value of a property by showcasing its best features and improving its curb appeal. With the use of energy-efficient LED lights, homeowners can also enjoy reduced energy costs and a lower carbon footprint. By choosing Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis for your soffit lighting needs, you can expect high-quality products and expert installation services from the top tier of the industry.

If you’re looking for the best outdoor lighting company in the Greater St. Louis area, you’ve come to the right place. We custom design your exterior home lighting based on the unique architectural features of your charming house. Call us today to get started with a FREE nighttime demonstration.