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Christmas in July Means NOW is the Time to Schedule Your Professional Christmas Lighting Installation

Historically, Christmas in July is another great excuse to throw a backyard cookout. But now, you can add your holiday lighting planning to the mix to make this year’s holiday season more beautiful, more fun, and less stressful.

christmas tree ligthingWhat do the holidays mean to you? If you’re counting down already, you might get a taste of Christmas in July by planning and scheduling your custom holiday lighting installation. While our expert outdoor lighting designers and technicians are still hard at work installing and servicing landscape lighting systems, we are ready and eager to begin filling our holiday lighting schedule.

Professional Christmas Lighting is Limited

We would love if we could decorate every home and business in the St. Louis and St. Charles metro areas. Unfortunately, the time required for installing holiday lighting is limited. There are only so many days in the fall when property owners are willing to have Christmas lights installed. And many like to have them up and ready for showtime on Thanksgiving Day.

That being said, it is sometimes (and by sometimes, we mean often) the case that the holidays sneak up. Fall schedules are busy for most families and businesses. You blink, and suddenly you are deciding between pumpkin and sweet potato for the Thanksgiving pie.

If you find yourself in this category of crazy busy, you might also find yourself in the category of trying to hire a professional holiday lighting installer too late. If you wait that long, you might not find anyone who can do it at all. And if you do find someone with space on their schedule, you may sacrifice quality, and you certainly will not have your lights for the entire holiday season.

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Benefits of Choosing Outdoor Lighting Perspectives for Holiday Lighting Early

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis, outdoor lighting is ALL we do. Every holiday season, we sell out of open slots for Christmas lighting installations. Call us early to get on the schedule. Once you’re on the schedule, you’re in excellent hands.

Our holiday lighting experts will work closely with you to make your property look exactly how you want it to look for the holidays. Choose multi-color C9s that remind you of childhood. Go with sleek all white mini lights. Choose blue, green, or any other color. Choose multi-color like red and white for a peppermint look. Maybe you have a favorite holiday movie you want to pay tribute too. Well, we could do a Clark Griswald style if you want, but we can also work out a theme such as the Frozen theme we designed last year.

Add wreaths, candy canes, and other whimsical ornaments to your design. Getting started earlier gives you more flexibility with the design as we have plenty of time to source, order, and receive the unique items you’d like to include in your outdoor holiday display.

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Our team deploys expert processes for installing lights on rooflines, trees, shrubs and any other structure on your property. We design. We install. We service. And we take them down and store them after the holidays. When you choose us, you get consistent LED lighting color and no hassling with tangled wires, broken strands, and all day on a ladder.

With an early holiday lighting design consultation, the only limit is your imagination. Call today – yes today – yes, it is July – to get started. We look forward to working with you.