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Why Now is the Best Time to Install St. Louis Landscape Lighting

Install St. Louis Landscape Lighting Before (or During) Winter

Daylight savings time is just around the corner, which means the days are getting shorter, and the nights are getting longer. If you’re not looking forward to dark evenings and less time spent outside, we have a solution for you. With St. Louis landscape lighting, we can transform your dark and dreary yard into a nighttime oasis. When the shortest days of winter hit, it won’t feel as dark outside. If you don’t want to spend another winter in the dark, get a jump on outdoor lighting installation today. home lighting

Beat the Rush to Outdoor Lighting Before the Busy Season

With COVID-19 hitting last spring, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis had its busiest season yet. With more and more people staying at home, the appeal of outdoor lighting was higher than ever. Since most people stay inside all winter, they don’t think of installing outdoor lighting until the warmer weather hits. However, we strongly encourage you to invest in outdoor lighting sooner than later. Not only do we anticipate next spring to be even busier, but outdoor lighting is as enjoyable during the fall and winter as it is in the spring and summer.

When you get St. Louis landscape lighting installed now, you can enjoy outdoor lighting during the darkest months of the year and truly brighten your fall and winter. outdoor lighting

Enjoy Well-Lit Nights With St. Louis Landscape Lighting

During the shortest days of the year, you’ll be itching to get outside - only, your backyard isn’t delightful if there isn’t much light. With outdoor lighting, we can install gorgeous lights throughout your landscape, deck, patio, pathways, gardens, and more to give you the visibility you need to enjoy the outdoors at night. Our options can bring your yard to life at night and in some cases, make it more enjoyable than during the daytime.

All you really need to enjoy your yard at night during fall and winter is a blanket, fire pit, or outdoor heaters. Wouldn’t you love to spend some time outside during Thanksgiving? Pumpkin pie on your deck under string lights sounds like a magical evening.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can install your outdoor lighting all year long, including during winter. Beat the spring and summer rush and invest in your outdoor oasis today!

If you’re looking for the best outdoor lighting company in the Greater St. Louis area, you’ve come to the right place. We custom design your exterior home lighting based on the unique architectural features of your charming house. Call us today to get started with a FREE nighttime demonstration.