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Transform your Chesterfield home with outdoor LED lighting for nighttime beauty and family FUNction

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis is your locally owned Chesterfield outdoor lighting company. We prioritize safety and illumination for all our commercial and residential clients. We recently provided a Chesterfield homeowner with 86 replacement lights after a previously installed system was not measuring up.

Residential lighitng

Chesterfield outdoor lighting installation

The homeowners moved into their house a few years ago. The existing landscape lighting system wasn’t performing, nor did it provide light in all the necessary places. They wanted to beautify their property at night while also making it functional and safe for their grandchildren.

pool with lighting

The existing system had a mixture of halogen and LED low-voltage lights, some of which were not even working. Our expert outdoor lighting team replaced the front yard, backyard, pool area, and play area light fixtures with LED lighting. We also added more lights in living areas previously unlit. After our team completed the outdoor lighting install, these Chesterfield grandparents felt way better about their grandkids playing outside after dark.

Chesterfield landscape lighting

Stone stairsOur landscape lighting illuminates this family’s favorite features by highlighting their texture and depth. Accessory landscape lighting helps visibility of pathways, staircases, decks, and more. With this lighting, these Chesterfield grandparents won’t have to worry about stepping on any little, crawling or hopping creatures because they’ll have clear visibility of every step they take.

Adding lighting to the front yard increases safety and improves nighttime aesthetics. The curb appeal lighting provides clear visibility to find the home and to navigate from parking areas to the entry. All of the functional benefits aside, landscape lighting beautifies this Chesterfield property, highlighting its charming appeal.

tree with lightingTree lighting

Landscape lighting focused on trees is a beautiful way to add subtle light around a property. Tree lighting allows the beauty and majesty of this family’s favorite ornamental and shade-providing trees to shine after dark. While the trees get the focus of the light, the surrounding landscape benefits from a subtle glow.

Landscape Spot Lighting

Rock with lightingMany homeowners have statues, pool areas, water features, or stone facades that they want to show off. With these unique features being an integral part of your landscape, why not light them up? When we designed this Chesterfield outdoor lighting system, we included the homeowners’ favorite features in the design. From their beloved frogs to their tranquil waterfall, all their landscape accessories now shine at night. We even highlighted the area where they place seasonal décor! Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis loves to beautify properties to meet the desires of every specific client.

Outdoor lighting house

Sports court lighting

lighted pathway

Every property is unique, and every client has individual goals for their home. These grandparents built an outdoor sports court for their grandchildren. No “I’m bored at Grandma’s” happening here. These kids not only can stay active at their grandparent’s home; they can continue into the night too! Our team customized landscape lighting for the play area. Now the kids can stay active and spend all their excess energy outdoors.

When considering if you should illuminate your property on the outside, think of all the ways you would like to use your yard at night. If that includes kids, grandkids, regular entertaining, or just adding beautiful curb appeal and safety, our team can make it happen! If you are interested in Chesterfield outdoor lighting, please contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis today for a free design consultation.