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Color-Changing Outdoor Lighting is the Hottest Thing to Hit Landscape Lighting Since the LED Market Light

10 Benefits of Choosing Color-Changing RGB LED Outdoor Lighting

Technology in outdoor lighting is constantly improving. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis, we are always updated with the latest and greatest. While we’ve been offering RGB LED outdoor lighting for several years now, the trend lines are just beginning to catch on. 2021 marks the year color-changing landscape lighting became popular, and we’ll bet, with benefits like these, they will remain popular for the foreseeable future. Check it out.

Top 10 Benefits of RGB LED Landscape Lighting

All-in-One Lighting

Color-changing outdoor lighting is an all-in-one solution for your landscape, living spaces, and curb appeal lighting. Yes, these lights can be colored, but they can also be white. When our team works with you on your customized outdoor lighting system, we’ll help you create zones for a beautiful aesthetic.

Celebrate All the Holidays

Stop putting up and taking down different lights for Halloween, Christmas, 4th of July, and your other favorite holidays. With RGB LED outdoor lighting, simply change the color scheme for the current holiday. You don’t have to stick to red and green at Christmas. Create a theme to fit your style with other popular colors like blue and white, multi-color, solid green, or even rainbow.

Support Your Favorite Team on Game Day

Red for the Cardinals, blue for the Blues, or gold for the Mizzou Tigers. Whomever your favorite team is, you can get in the game by showing your fandom. Nothing quite like a friendly neighbor rivalry in who can show their team pride more!

Easy to Use Smart Phone App

Our color-changing LED outdoor lighting comes complete with an easy-to-use smartphone app. With just the touch of a few buttons, you can change the colors of your lighting scheme. You can even connect it to your smart home systems for voice control.

Save Themes for One-Touch Implementation

The smartphone app allows you to set up a theme and save it! Yes, that is right. You can set your lights exactly how you want them. Then save the theme so that instead of multiple touchpoints, you can just hit one button to change your entire system to that pre-saved theme.

LED red right and blue lightingRetain Classic Soft White Lighting

You don’t have to forgo the classic sophistication of soft white landscape lighting to enjoy RBG LED. Various shades of white remain an option at any time, between holidays, sports seasons, and monthly designations. Go with white whenever you’d like!

Amuse Your Friends and Kids

Did you know kids and adults alike can be fully amused by the large variety of color options in an RGB LED lighting system? While your kids might like flashing rainbows or some neon shade, your friends might love to recreate nostalgic scenes from their childhood. Or maybe prank you, by changing the colors to your favorite team’s rival.

Make a Statement

Do you want to show support for someone in your life? RGB LED is an incredibly effective way to make a statement. Black and blue to support your police, yellow for deployed troops, or rainbow for LGBTQ+ pride. Make a bold statement at night with your color-changing LED outdoor lighting system.

Promote a Near and Dear Cause

What’s your cause? Go teal for ovarian cancer awareness, purple for Alzheimer’s, red for heart disease, or pink for breast cancer awareness. Whatever your favorite cause, RGB LED can help you show your support.RGB red and green lighting

Take Life a Little Less Seriously

The world has gotten a little crazy as of late. Between the pandemic, work, kids, and life in general, RGB LED is a great way to take a break from all the seriousness and have a little (or a lot of) fun.

If you’re curious about adding RBG LED color-changing outdoor lighting to your property, call our team today to schedule a design consultation. When you choose Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis for your St. Louis outdoor lighting, you get customized designs, the best fixtures, and long-term client support to keep your lights running brilliantly and looking fantastic!