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What is Outdoor Living Without Patio Lighting?

Have you considered how you can take your outdoor living experience to the next level? This is a question many homeowners ponder often, but not all lifestyle additions are created equal. Indeed, it is difficult to determine what modifications to your home provide the best value, but outdoor lights are often a cherished addition to an outdoor lifestyle. From curb appeal lighting to highlights for your landscaping, there is an incredible multitude of lighting options to choose from.

patio lights

Patio lighting is an unrivaled outdoor living addition

One installation category we absolutely love, though, is patio lighting. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, enhancing outdoor living spaces is one of our specialties, and patios fall firmly in this category. Outdoor lights are multifunctional, and so are patios, which is why we think this pairing is so wonderful. From relaxing in the summer sun to hosting gatherings, you have a lot of activities that can be fulfilled on a patio, but such activities often come to an end as soon as the sun sets. Unfortunately, the night comes for everyone’s outdoor living experiences, but we’re here to ensure you don’t have to surrender to the dark. We live in an era where technology allows us to adapt to our surroundings; lights are one such technology.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we specialize in lighting solutions created specifically to improve your outdoor lifestyle’s aesthetics and function, and you’ll be involved through the entire process!

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St. Louis patio lighting is a year-round treat

Even during the winter months, patio lighting is an excellent addition for anyone who wants to add flare and function to their home. For example, if you have a fire pit, porch, or three-season room where you feel comfortable braving the cold, patio lights will not only add a gorgeous glow to your property but will also improve visibility and safety in your yard. Rather than stumble around in the dark, a patio lighting installation from OLP will allow you to savor the outdoors and its beauty throughout the year! Winter is a gloomy time of year, especially when there aren’t any holidays to celebrate, so why not add a touch of golden light that is certain to bring a smile to the face of any who see your home? Patio lighting in St. Louis is a fantastic way to take your home and outdoor living experience to the next level.

Outdoor Lighting

At OLP, patio lighting is available in many forms

All homes and patios are different, which is why we offer a diverse array of lighting options for our customers to choose from. What suits your fancy? For some, festive bistro lighting is an excellent way to add year-round cheer and illumination that shines down on you and your patio. Other options include adding adjustable, ground-level lighting fixtures that are available in materials ranging from brass to stainless steel. All our lighting fixtures are of the highest quality and are built to withstand the elements for long-term enjoyment.

Energy efficiency is key

While traditional halogen bulbs do look nice, they are outmatched by LED bulbs in every metric, including aesthetics. Halogen bulbs are notorious for wasting energy in the form of heat. LED bulbs, in contrast, can match the aesthetic benefits of halogens and more, needing dramatically less energy and lasting many times longer. LED fixtures from OLP can last for years at a time before needing bulb replacements. With superior technology comes serious energy savings!

Don’t let night control your outdoor lifestyle. With patio lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis, take your outdoor enjoyment to the next level. Give us a call at (636) 202-0369.