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Commercial Outdoor Lighting on Your Mind? Check Out Our Recent Winery Lighting Projects!

Outdoor lighting is an essential element for any property, whether it's for aesthetic or practical purposes. In our day-to-day lives at home or at our place of business, our time in the outdoors is dictated by the rise and set of the sun, but we don’t think you need to adhere to these rules. Why not light up the night at any time of your choosing? At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis, our team of experts is committed to delivering outdoor lighting installations of unrivaled quality with flawless care, as demonstrated by our recent work on a few wineries and hospitality properties in Augusta, MO! No matter the size and scale of your commercial property, we have the tools and experience to deliver a truly stunning outdoor lighting and installation experience. Our team is here to create the perfect outdoor lighting project for you and your needs, and we respond directly to your feedback to create a customized lighting display that fits what you imagined! So, let’s dig into some of the exciting winery and hospitality lighting installations we created recently.

Outdoor lighting is our specialty and passion!

Tables and chairs under a tree

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Deck and patio lighting is an incredible way to highlight outdoor spaces like this one at Mount Pleasant Estates!

Our goal for these projects was to create a welcoming ambiance that would encourage patrons to stay into the evening or even start their visit when dusk arrived. That’s right, our installations can even make you look forward to nightfall! We wanted to highlight the beauty of the different wineries and all the unique features they contain. The scale of these projects was massive, so we had the opportunity to utilize many of our favorite outdoor lighting elements!

To achieve our goal, we used a wide variety of lighting styles that would enhance each property's beauty while providing practical uses. For instance, we utilized uplighting, integrated uplights, high-intensity uplights, wide-angle wash lights, well lights, and spotlights for the different venues. With these lighting elements, we were able to highlight the façade of these buildings as well as specific landscape and structural elements that would draw the eyes. Rather than allow a property to fall into darkness, adding focal lighting, curb appeal lighting, and landscape lighting is an incredible way to grab attention and keep guests and friends engaged and energized. For example, check out these highlights from our project over at Balducci Vineyards!

Custom curb appeal lighting is always a crowd pleaser

Rather than allow statues and unique landscape features to fade to dark, bring them to light!

Rather than allow statues and unique landscape features to fade to dark, bring them to light!

Rather than allow statues and unique landscape features to fade to dark, bring them to light!

We also incorporated pathway lights and tread lights for safety and security purposes on many of these properties. Darkness can dramatically affect your ability to navigate your property, creating the potential for accidents like falls and collisions in the night. We utilize many types of lighting for any walk of life, and in this case, we had the pleasure of installing bistro lighting, moonlighting, wash lights, premium coach lights, deck lights, ledge lights, integrated can lights, and sconces to create a warm ambiance for patron-use areas. A comprehensive lighting display will often utilize many different kinds of lighting elements, and this can be a challenging design to tackle on your own. Fortunately, with our customized outdoor lighting process, our design experts will walk you through what elements can benefit your property the most, streamlining your thought process and resolving worries along the way. We are here to guide you from start to end! Our design expertise is evident in the work we do, and such expertise is highlighted by the custom outdoor lighting elements we installed at Montelle Winery!

property lighting

Custom uplighting can truly make an incredible difference for your property!

bistro lighting

Just look at the ambiance a beautiful patio lighting installation can create. These outdoor bistro lights are always a favorite among our clients and their customers!

statue lighting

Across all of these projects, we installed over 1,300 outdoor lighting fixtures, including more than 2,400 feet of bistro lighting. The result was a breathtaking arrays of outdoor lighting displays that illuminated each property's unique features while providing practical uses such as safety, security, and of course unbelievable ambiance for outdoor events and gatherings. With outdoor lighting, you can both attract customers as well as deliver an incredible experience for them while they are on your property. We want your outdoor areas to be memorable, and we’re here to ensure your customers have a lasting, beautiful impression of their time with you!

These projects are a testament to our outdoor lighting design and installation expertise. Our team was able to create an inviting ambiance for patrons that encouraged them to stay longer and enjoy the beauty of the properties even in the evening. We take pride in delivering high-quality outdoor lighting solutions that not only enhance the beauty of properties but also provide practical uses for our clients, and we are committed to creating the perfect outdoor oasis for all our cherished neighbors. We have you covered for all your outdoor lighting needs, whether commercial or residential. Light up your night like never before and look to the outdoor lighting experts at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis for an unrivaled commercial outdoor lighting experience. Give us a call at (636) 202-0369 today!