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Do Outdoor Lighting Companies Install in Winter?

While we cannot speak for all St. Louis outdoor lighting companies, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives absolutely installs landscape lighting in the winter.

What’s more, there are substantial benefits to having your landscape and outdoor lighting installed in winter. For many, if not most, outdoor upgrades are not top-of-mind when there’s snow and ice on the ground. That’s probably because they do not imagine themselves performing outdoor projects in freezing temperatures. Springtime is the right time for those things, right? Well, not for us!

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Landscape Lighting Installations in Winter – Are there caveats?

Of course, there are certain stipulations that make landscape lighting installations in winter a bit different than other times of the year.

  • There might be days where the weather is just too terrible to work. Wintry precipitations will delay landscape lighting installations.
  • One of the most loathsome characteristics of winter is the limited amount of daylight, which might also hamper an installation.
  • Large snow accumulations might also impede landscape lighting installation.

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Landscape Lighting Installation in Winter – What are the benefits?

Oh, the glorious feeling of being first in line. There is something almost magical about being in the front of a queue. The first benefit of a winter landscape lighting installation is that our schedule is lighter during this time of year. But that’s not all!

  • Landscape lighting installations in winter means that we are not tearing up your newly updated or manicured landscaping. Winter typically does a number on our lawns and flower beds, making winter the ideal time to install lighting, wiring, and all the things involved in a new outdoor lighting system.
  • Existing trees and plants are dormant in winter, so they are less likely to incur damage.
  • That loathsome aspect of winter – well, it’s also a benefit to outdoor lighting. More dark hours mean you’ll be able to enjoy beautiful outdoor lighting installation longer every day!

We don’t simply install outdoor lighting in winter.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis also services existing outdoor lighting systems during the winter months. If you require a repair or maintenance of any kind, you need only reach out to us for service. With our lighter schedule, we’ll be able to address your issues quickly and effectively.

Search for outdoor and landscape lighting installation near me and choose Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis.

We are here to meet all your outdoor lighting needs this winter and throughout the year. Whether you’re considering a brand-new landscape lighting installation, or require maintenance service, or repair work, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has you covered. Call (636) 202-0369.

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