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Make Your Subdivision Shine with Outdoor Lighting for Neighborhood Entries

Beautifying the entrances to their neighborhoods cost HOA’s hundreds of dollars each year. Often times there are large, elaborate brick or stone signs with the community name proudly displayed for all to see. Yet just as often those signs and surrounding landscape are left to flounder and fizzle when the sun sets. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington proudly restores the grandeur to neighbor entries by illuminating their signs, the expensive landscape around it, and the gate house if there is one. We recently lit up two neighborhoods who are now enjoying easier access to their neighborhood after dark.


Treybrooke is a gorgeous neighborhood here in the Wilmington area. They have a lovely entry way that deserves to be seen any time day or night. Their entrance is illuminated from sunset to sunup for occupants and passerby’s alike to enjoy. However, they were burning through bulbs in their bright, wide flood light too rapidly. We replaced it with one of our new BB-02 LED lights. Its compact size and durability made it perfect for the job. Small enough to fit into tight spaces but still providing as much light as an average spotlight. Plus with the LED bulb, they wouldn’t have to worry about replacing bulbs very often. LEDs will last up to 50,000 hours on top of the energy they save. After adding lights to two walls and the trees in the median, Treybrooke became a sight to behold after dark.


Halycon Forest is another entrance just down the street from Treybrooke. They were also in need of some lighting effects. At Halycon we installed two commercial LED box flood lights on entrance sign. With an aluminum cast coated in bronze, this outdoor fixture is perfect for any commercial landscape lighting. It’s versatitlity, durability, and long lasting energy saving LED makes it completely reliable. Whenever you choose to add any sort of commercial lighting, LED lights are the best choice. They shine bright for hours on end and endure harsh weather just beautifully. The best part about LED lighting is the energy efficiency. You’ll be saving a good amount of money by installing outdoor LED lights.

Neighborhood Entrance

After all was said and done, Treybrooke and Halycon Forest gained gorgeously illuminated entry ways. Outdoor lighting for community and neighborhood entries provides a great deal of beauty as well as security. Homeowners and their guests can come and go with safety and ease after dark thanks to LED lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. We are experts at installing and designing plans for all sorts of commercial lighting.

Give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington a call and see exactly how we can brighten up your neighborhood today. We’ll come out and create a custom design just for you and even provide a complimentary nighttime demonstration so you can see what outdoor lighting can do for your home and landscaping. Call (910) 356-8203 us today.