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Upgrade your Wilmington Outdoor Lighting System to Include Lighting Control Automation

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington, we pride ourselves in our ability to retrofit older systems and add features to our outdoor lighting systems. With technology ever-changing, it is a top priority that we make our systems to handle upgrades and additions when new features become available.

Outdoor Lighting
LED Retro-fit

We recently had a client in Landfall who called us at first to swap out a few line voltage lights with LED. We were able to retrofit 14 soffit lights all around her home, seamlessly lowering her energy use and electric bill. Shortly after that, she asked us to go ahead and install more LED lights to really illuminate her home properly. So with the addition of 24 LED lights to the exterior of her gorgeous Wilmington home we were able to give her the results she was looking for without increasing her energy use by very much. Including our latest item, an LED ledge light to illuminate the address on her gorgeous stacked stone pillars.

Outdoor Lighting Upgrades

We have recently heard from this beloved client with a new request. She is looking to be able to control her outdoor lighting more easily. Our plan is to install our exclusive Lighting Control Automation (LCA). The Outdoor Lighting Perspectives LCA will give her complete control over her outdoor and indoor lights. It is more than just a simple timer. She will be able to set up different time zones for different outlets and groups of lights, allowing her to set them all to come on and go off at different times.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Lighting Control Automation

With our LCA she can even set lights inside to come on and go off at times when she would normally be turning them on and off if she were home. This is a fantastic realistic way to make it look like she is home when she is actually on vacation or out of town for work. And when she is just having an evening out she can count on her lights being on when she arrives home after dark, even if she forgets to adjust it for the days getting shorter. Our LCA takes in to account the change in sunset times so you don’t have to remember.

We are excited for our long-time client to get to experience the benefits of an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives LCA. If you’re considering an outdoor LED lighting upgrade, the addition of Lighting Control Automation or need maintenance for your Wilmington home or business give us a call. We’ll come out and create a custom design just for you and even provide a complimentary nighttime demonstration so you can see what outdoor lighting can do for your home and landscaping. Check out our website Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington or call (910) 356-8203 us today.