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Did you spend your Wilmington 4th of July in the dark?

The 4th of July is the biggest summer celebration of the year. Living in a beachfront community, many of you are the chosen destination for friends and family members looking to get away for the holiday. When you’re hosting guests for long weekends and summer parties it sure would be nice to have some landscape and patio lighting to make your outdoor space a place you and your guests can stay and hang out well after the sun goes down.

I can smell it now, barbecue cooking on the grill, sparklers crackling at dusk and a campfire being built in the fire pit. The smells of a Wilmington summer sunset spent outside. As the sun fades into the water you and your guests are left with just the light from that fire, making it impossible to do anything that is not right up against the flames. With days extending into nights, late summer dinners and cocktails on the patio, outdoor lighting can allow you to get the most time out of your outdoor living space.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington will come to your house to learn how you use your outdoor living space. With a walk around your yard, garden and patio you can point out where you spend most of your time while we get ideas for what lighting should go where to maximize your use of the space. We’ll come back to our offices and create a custom lighting design for your patio, garden and home to meet the goals you expressed in our walkthrough. We’ll even come back and do a temporary nighttime presentation to show you what it will look like. If you like what you see, our professional installation team will come back to make it permanent. Making sure you are all set for your next big event.

When it comes to lighting the outside of your Wilmington property, we have many options we can work with. We can light the perimeter of your home to emphasize the unique architectural features, point out entryways and add safety. By adding garden and path lighting around the landscaping near your patio we can create an inviting atmosphere for your guests to enjoy. If you have an outdoor kitchen we can add task lighting under the pergola or some downlights under the edge of the counter so that you can continue alfresco cooking and eating well into the night.

If your outdoor space is going to be the party palace every weekend we might suggest some fiesta string lights above your deck or patio so that the party atmosphere is kicked up a notch. Speaking of decks, we can add lighting under the railings and along stair treads to invite guests to venture up safely as well as highlighting the perimeter for an ambiance that won’t soon be forgotten. With garden lighting, deck lighting, pool lighting and more, you are sure to stay outside more, enjoying the beautiful coastal Carolina nights.

You might be thinking, now that your 4th of July guests have gone home that you have missed the boat for this summer. But you’d be wrong. Labor Day is just around the corner. Getting ready for the last hoo-rah of the summer starts with calling Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington now, so we can design and install your custom outdoor lighting before your houseguests come back for the long Labor Day weekend.

With Outdoor Lighting Perspectives as your outdoor lighting partner, we will take the reins so you can simply enjoy your yard, deck and patio any time day or night. With a custom outdoor lighting design for your home we’ll make your seaside heaven an entrancing night time retreat. Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington today to learn more about getting started. You can reach us by phone at (910) 356-8203.